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Departments and Programs

Saint Louis University’s College of Arts and Sciences offers degrees in more than 30 academic areas.

African American Studies

Contact the African American Studies program at or 314-977-2242.

American Studies

Contact the Department of American Studies at or 314-977-2911.


Contact the Department of Biology at or 314-977-3910.

Catholic Studies

Contact Catholic Studies at


Contact the Department of Communication at  or 314-977-3734.

Data Science

Undergraduate Offerings
  • Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Contact the Data Science Program at or 314-977-2440.


Contact the Department of English at or 314-977-3016.

Film Studies

Contact the Film Studies Program at or 314-977-2710.

Fine and Performing Arts

Contact the Department of Fine and Performing Arts at or 314-977-2996. 

Forensic Science

Contact the Forensic Science Department at

Global and Local Social Justice

Contact the Global and Local Social Justice Program at or 314-977-4240 or 314-977-4238.

Health Care Ethics

Contact the Center for Health Care Ethics at 314-977-1060.


Contact the Department of History at  or 314-977-3523.

Ibero-American Studies

Contact the Ibero-American Studies Program at or 314-977-3445.

International Studies

Contact the Center for International Studies at or 314-977-5124.

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Contact the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at or 314-977-3200.

Mathematics and Statistics

Contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at or 314-977-2444.

Medical Humanities

Contact the Medical Humanities Program at or 314-977-7071.

Medieval Studies

Graduate Offerings

Saint Louis University is widely recognized as one of the leading institutions for the study of the Medieval and early modern worlds. Graduate study in this area is offered through a variety of disciplines, including our graduate programs in History, English, Philosophy and Theological studies

Contact the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program at or 314-977-7180.


Contact the Neuroscience Program at or 314-977-9705.


Contact the Department of Philosophy at  or 314-977-3149.

Political Science

Contact the Department of Political Science at or 314-977-3035.


Contact the Department of Psychology at or 314-977-2300.

Public and Social Policy

Contact the Public and Social Policy Program at or 314-977-2613.

Russian and Eastern Europe Studies

Contact the Russian and Eastern European Area Studies Program at or 314-977-2915.

Sociology and Anthropology

Contact the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at or 314-977-3640.

Theological Studies

Contact the Department of Theological Studies at or 314-977-2881.

Urban and Poverty Studies (Micah)

Contact the Micah Program at or 314-977-3615.

Women's and Gender Studies

Contact the Department of Women's and Gender Studies at or 314-977-2057.