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Women's and Gender Studies, Graduate Minor

Saint Louis University's graduate minor in women's and gender studies provides an opportunity for graduate students in other departments at SLU to pursue an interdisciplinary education about contemporary social justice issues.

This program complements a variety of graduate programs, including the humanities, social sciences, public policy, social work, health care and law, preparing students for leadership and advocacy roles in community or academic settings. While gender is the primary focus, each course and the discipline examine gender in light of race, ethnicity, class, sexual identity, ability, age and religion. The discipline teaches students to think critically and engage in the world as responsible citizens.

Curriculum Overview

SLU's graduate minor in women’s and gender studies requires nine credits of coursework. Students will take two core courses covering feminist theories and feminist epistemologies and one elective course that carries the designation of women’s and gender studies. Depending on the course offerings, the elective may be a course in a student's home department.

Fieldwork and Research Opportunities 

Students can complete a graduate-level internship under the supervision of a faculty member.


The graduate minor in women’s and gender studies is well-suited for students pursuing:

  • Careers in community organizing, nonprofit organizations, government service, health care, business and policy research
  • Doctoral work in the humanities and social sciences
  • Professional education, including public health, law, social work and public policy

Admission Requirements

To receive a graduate minor in women's and gender studies, students must be enrolled in another graduate program at SLU. Any graduate student may take the required courses as long as they have the approval of their department or program.

Courses may count for multiple majors and minors, and for core requirements.

Required Courses6
WGST 5010
Feminist Theories
WGST 5020
Feminist Epistemologies
Elective Courses
Select one course with either a WGST number, cross-listing or attribute, such as:3
WGST 5150
Gender and American Politics
WGST 5290
Women and Global Issues
WGST 5716
Diversity & Anti-Oppression Practice
WGST 5720
Citizenship and Social Difference
WGST 6270
Middle English Literature
WGST 6500
WGST 6590
19th Century English Literature
WGST 6650
20th Century Postcolonial Literature
WGST 6700
American Political Thought
WGST 6833
Employment Discrimination
WGST 6875
Family Law
Total Credits9

Continuation Standards

Students with a graduate minor in women’s and gender studies must maintain a 3.00 GPA in courses for the women’s and gender studies minor.

For more information about our program, contact:

Women's and Gender Studies