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Engineering Mathematics, Minor

An engineering mathematics minor from Saint Louis University is highly customizable and fits well with most engineering degrees. 

Required Courses
MATH 1510Calculus I4
MATH 1520Calculus II4
MATH 2530Calculus III4
Elective Courses
Select four of the following:12
MATH 3110
Linear Algebra for Engineers 1
or MATH 3120
Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 3240
Numerical Analysis
MATH 3270
Advanced Mathematics for Engineers
MATH 3550
Differential Equations
MATH 3600
MATH 3800
Elementary Theory of Probability 2
or STAT 3850
Foundation of Statistics
MATH 4310
Introduction to Complex Variables
MATH 4320
Complex Variables II
MATH 4550
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
MATH 4570
Partial Differential Equations
MATH 4800
Probability Theory
STAT 4840
Time Series
STAT 4870
Applied Regression
Total Credits24

Credit cannot be earned for both MATH 3110 Linear Algebra for Engineers (3 cr) and MATH 3120 Introduction to Linear Algebra (3 cr).


Credit cannot be earned for only MATH 3800 Elementary Theory of Probability (3 cr) or STAT 3850 Foundation of Statistics (3 cr).

Continuation Standards

Students must have a minimum of a 2.00 cumulative GPA in their mathematics minor courses by the conclusion of their sophomore year, must maintain a minimum of 2.00 cumulative GPA in these courses at the conclusion of each semester thereafter, and must be registered in at least one course counting toward their major or minor in each academic year (until all requirements are completed).