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Law, Religion and Politics, Minor

This interdisciplinary minor in law, religion and politics is unique to Saint Louis University.

In it, SLU students analyze and compare legal norms, theory and practice within religious traditions and in legal systems. They gain a theologically and historically grounded understanding of concepts of human dignity and justice that should be respected and promoted within systems of law and political structures. They consider how laws and political structures can exercise equity toward all members of a community. They develop strong skills in analysis and oral argumentation and real-world experience through an internship.

Curriculum Overview

SLU's minor in law, religion and politics requires 18 credits in courses from political science, theological studies, and other departments. All courses are marked with a "Law, Religion, & Politics" attribute. No more than nine credits may be taken in any one department. The minor includes a 4xxx-level seminar and an internship. It is open to all students but is easily joined with the Pre-Law Scholars Program.

Theological Studies Course
Choose one course from the following:3
THEO 3350
Justice and Peace: The Legal Imagination in Christianity
THEO 3750
Creativity and Constraint: The Legal Imagination in Judaism
Political Science Course
Choose one course from the following:3
POLS 2710
Theories of Justice
POLS 3130
Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Law, Religion, & Politics Electives
Choose 6 credits of courses with Law, Religion, & Politics attribute. Examples include:6
ASTD 2400
Immigration in U.S. History and Culture
ASTD 3400
American Incarceration
HIST 3120
French Revolution and Napoleon, 1789-1815
PLS 1000
Introduction to Law
PHIL 3430
Philosophy of Law
POLS 2691
Theory and Practice of Human Rights
POLS 3640
International Law
POLS 3760
The Politics of Pope Francis
RUSS 3360
In Prisons Dark: Confinement Literature in the Russian and Soviet Empires
THEO 3510
Faith and Politics
THEO 3540
Incarceration and Incarnation: Prisons and Christian Ethics
POLS 3912
Public Service Internship
POLS 3915
Legal Internship
PLS 4910
Legal Internship
Law, Religion, & Politics Seminar
Choose a 3-credit seminar with Law, Religion, & Politics Seminar attribute (typically in THEO or POLS)3
Total Credits18

Continuation Standards

Students in the law, religion and politics minor must maintain a 2.00 grade point average (GPA) in required coursework.