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Psychology, Minor

Saint Louis University's minor in psychology enriches students' academic experiences with the science behind human behavior. Coursework highlights how our behaviors depend on biological factors, developmental status, cognitive processes and social conditions. Exposure to psychological science in the minor enhances students’ abilities to critically evaluate behavioral science and understand human behaviors and interactions encountered in their professional and personal lives.

A minor in psychology complements all major programs due to the relevance of understanding human behavior in all fields. Its application is most apparent within fields where human behaviors are more focal, such as those related to health care, law, social work and other fields involving the delivery of human services, communication, business, education, public health, political science, sociology, and areas of studies associated with social and cultural identities. Courses delivered through the program at SLU include those taught by recognized experts and researchers in the field.

Students pursuing a minor in psychology at SLU will experience a flexible curriculum. Aside from the general psychology requirement, students are free to choose from a menu of courses under four areas of study (applied, cognitive-neuroscience, developmental, and social/personality), as well as an additional elective option, allowing for a curriculum tailored to meet students’ individual interests. To help optimize their experiences, all SLU psychology minors are assigned a faculty mentor.

Required Courses
PSY 1010General Psychology3
Required Area Courses
Select a minimum of one course in each of the four areas below:12
Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY 3100
Brain, Mind & Society
PSY 3120
Cognitive Psychology
PSY 3130
Physiological Psychology
PSY 3150
Introduction to Neuroscience 2: Cognitive and Behavioral
PSY 3160
Learning & Memory
PSY 4140
PSY 4150
Science of Sleep
PSY 4710
Studies in Cognition/Neuroscience
Developmental Psychology
PSY 3210
Developmental Psych: Child
PSY 3230
Developmental Psychology: Adolescence
PSY 4270
Cross-Cultural Psychology of Human Development
PSY 4720
Studies in Developmental Psychology
Personality/Social Psychology
PSY 3300
Social Psychology
PSY 3310
Personality Theory
PSY 4320
Close Relationships
PSY 4330
Psychology of Oppression
PSY 4340
African American Psychology
PSY 4350
Health Psychology
PSY 4390
Abnormal Psychology
Applied Psychology
PSY 3450
Counseling for the Helping Professions
PSY 3470
Occupational Health Psychology
PSY 4410
Organizational Psychology
PSY 4430
Psychology of Trauma
PSY 4440
Sports Psychology
PSY 4480
Psychology and Law
PSY 4490
Teams in Organizations
PSY 4730
Studies in Applied Psychology
Psychology Elective Course
Select 3 credits of additional 3000 or 4000 level courses in Psychology 13
Total Credits18

Excluding PSY 4790 Practicum (1-6 cr), PSY 4800 Undergraduate Research (1-6 cr), PSY 4960 Advanced Research Methodology and Statistics (0,4 cr), PSY 4965 Capstone Practicum Project (3 cr), PSY 4967 Capstone Research Project (3 cr), or PSY 4969 Critical Thinking About Psychology (3 cr).

Continuation Standards

To continue as a psychology minor, students must earn a "C" or better in PSY 1010 General Psychology (3 cr) and maintain a SLU psychology GPA of 2.00.

Minors are not required to meet with a psychology faculty mentor but are welcome to do so. The formal mentoring period begins directly after fall break and spring break.

Students can complete all or part of the psychology minor at SLU’s campus in Madrid.

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