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Performing Arts, Minor (Madrid)

Saint Louis University's Madrid campus offers students the opportunity to develop their skills in the disciplines of dance, music or theatre through a minor in performing arts.

You’ll gain a basic knowledge of each discipline and of the global reach of stage arts. You’ll also be provided with a broad overview of the different aspects of the stage in a Spanish and Latin — or more broadly European — context.

Students in this program become aware of the close relationship and interdependence between the different stage-art disciplines and the importance of understanding these disciplines to gain a global insight into the creativity of humankind.

THR 1010Introduction to Performing Arts3
Discipline Course
Select one course from the following:3
DANC 2310
Modern Dance/Modern Movement
MUSC 1000
Approaching the Arts: Music
or MUSC 1100
Music Fundamentals
THR 3500
Playscript Analysis
Discipline Elective
Select 12 credits in at least two of the three fields of dance, music, theatre: *12
DANC 2650
Spanish Dance: Flamenco
DANC 2660
Latin Rhythms and Dance
DANC 2670
The New Flamenco Experience
DANC 2680
Advanced Latin Rhythms & Dance
DANC 3680
Advanced Spanish Dance: Flamenco II
MUSC 2010
Applied Music: Voice
MUSC 2020
Applied Music: Piano
MUSC 2030
Applied Music: Guitar
MUSC 3420
University Chorale
THR 2510
Acting I: Fundamentals
THR 3560
Advanced Theatre Workshop
Total Credits18

At least four credits of group performance courses must be taken. Course that fulfill this requirement includes DANC 2650 Spanish Dance: Flamenco (0-3 cr)DANC 2660 Latin Rhythms and Dance (3 cr)DANC 2670 The New Flamenco Experience (3 cr)DANC 2680 Advanced Latin Rhythms & Dance (0-2 cr)DANC 3680 Advanced Spanish Dance: Flamenco II (0-2 cr)MUSC 3420 University Chorale (0-1 cr) and THR 3560 Advanced Theatre Workshop (2 cr). As part of this requirement, you’ll take part in a collaborative performance or theatre production. In the latter case, work as a crew member, dancer or live musician count toward these credits.
Lastly, you’ll present a final solo or group capstone performance lasting between 10 and 20 minutes that displays what has been learned through the minor. This could be a theatre work, a monologue, a solo or ensemble musical recital, a dance piece or a musical theatre piece.

Continuation Standards

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better and students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00.