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Asian Studies (Minor)

Asia plays a critical role in contemporary global affairs. Given its strategic significance and growing economic and political power, there is increasing demand in both the public and private sectors for employees with a background in Asian studies.

Asian American Studies

Students pursuing SLU's minor in Asian studies examine the language, economics, history and politics of the continent. The Asian studies minor is a 21-hour multidisciplinary program open to all majors and is offered through SLU's Department of Political Science. 

You will be required to take nine credit hours of an Asian language, nine credit-hours of electives — which can include political science, history, English, theology and international business courses — and a senior capstone.

Highlighted Courses

Language requirement (9 hours):

  • CHIN 1010: Communicating in Chinese I
  • CHIN 1020: Communicating in Chinese II
  • CHIN 2010: Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHIN 2020: Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHIN 3010: Oral and Written Proficiency in Chinese I
  • CHIN 3020: Oral and Written Proficiency in Chinese II


  • HIND 1010: Communicating in Hindi I
  • HIND 1020: Communicating in Hindi II
  • HIND 2010: Intermediate Hindi: Language and Culture


  • AR 1010: Communicating in Arabic I
  • AR 1020: Communicating in Arabic II
  • AR 2010: Intermediate Arabic: Language and Culture

Elective courses (9 hours):

  • CHIN 3930: Cultural Comparison: China-U.S.
  • ENGL 3180/FSTD 3180: Chinese Screen: Chinese and Chinese American Film
  • ENGL 3500: Literature of the Postcolonial World
  • ENGL 4670/WGST 4930: Contemporary Postcolonial Literature and Culture
  • HIND 3930: Indian Literature in Translation
  • HIST 2700: China to 1600
  • HIST 2710: China and Japan to 1600
  • HIST 3210: China Since 1644
  • HIST 4920: Imperialism in Asia
  • IBS 3040: Asian Business
  • POLS 2560: The Politics of Asia
  • POLS 3500: Asian Miracles
  • POLS 3930: U.S.-East Asian Relations
  • THEO 2520: Comparative Religious Ethics
  • THEO 2700: Religious Traditions of Asia
  • THEO 2710:  Religions of the World
  • THEO 2720: Buddhism
  • THEO 2730:  Hinduism
  • THEO 3710/ARTH 3930: Arts of Hinduism and Buddhism
  • THEO 3720: Intuition, Spontaneity and Flow: Daoism in Comparative Context

Students are encouraged to take their elective credits in three of the six different disciplines included above (English, foreign language, international business, history, political science or theology). Students concentrating their studies on a specific country must take at least one elective that covers another country.

Capstone (3 hours):

A 3000 or 4000-level Asian-content seminar will be selected by the program director as the capstone. With the director’s permission, you may substitute independent study under the supervision of an Asian studies faculty member for the capstone requirement. The independent study option involves a major writing project.

  • Michelle Lorenzini, Ph.D., program director
  • Vincent Casaregola, Ph.D.
  • Mary Chittooran, Ph.D.
  • Vijai Dixit, Ph.D.
  • Lili Guo, Ph.D.
  • Torrie Hester, Ph.D.
  • Muhammad Islam, Ph.D.
  • Nori Karagari, Ph.D.
  • Seung Kim, Ph.D.
  • Pauline Lee, Ph.D.
  • Filippo Marsili, Ph.D.
  • Hisako Matsuo, Ph.D.
  • Maimaiti Minawaer
  • David Oughton, Ph.D.
  • George Renard, Ph.D.
  • George Simon
  • Nitish Singh, Ph.D.
  • Joya Uraizee, Ph.D.
  • Hongxin Zhao, Ph.D.
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