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Ibero-American Studies, Minor (Madrid)

Saint Louis University's minor in Ibero-American studies offered on SLU's Madrid campus provides a richly interdisciplinary approach to the history, politics and culture of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Courses — drawn from the fields of history, political science, anthropology, archaeology, economics, art history, philosophy and theology, as well as Spanish literature and Portuguese — enable students to explore the complex dynamics of Ibero-American societies, from the prehistoric era to the present. Moreover, by living and studying in Madrid and taking part in trips to or experiential opportunities in Latin America and different regions of the Iberian Peninsula, students not only study Ibero-American issues, they experience them.

Curriculum Overview

The Ibero-American studies minor requires six courses, and courses of study may be tailored based on a student’s interests and career aspirations. Students at SLU-Madrid can complete the minor in two semesters or in one semester and one to two summer sessions. Because the minor is multidisciplinary, students may simultaneously pursue it and their major area of study while staying on track for on-time graduation.

General Requirements

Students must complete two semesters or one semester and one to two summer sessions in residence on the Madrid campus. Additional requirements include: 

  • The language of instruction of at least one of the courses from areas I and II (History / Social Sciences and Humanities) must be Spanish.
  • Saint Louis University students must complete at least 12 of the 18 required credits on the Madrid campus.
  • Students must participate in a pre-approved experiential learning activity in or related to Ibero-America or in the excursion to Latin America offered periodically after the spring semester final exam period, or must have demonstrated living experience in Latin America.
Select a minimum of three credits from group A and three from group B:6-9
Group A: Spanish History
HIST 3320
Early Modern History of Spain:1469-1818
HIST 3330
Modern History Spain:1808-Pres
HIST 3340
The Spanish Civil War
HIST 3760
Medieval Spain
HIST 3770
History of the Jews in Spain
Group B: Latin American History
HIST 3170
Colonial Latin America
Social Sciences and Humanities
Select a minimum of three credits from group A and three from group B:6-9
Group A: Iberian Studies
ECON 3790
Economies of Latin America
ARTH 2180
History of Spanish Art
ARTH 2190
Art and History of Madrid
ARTH 3630
Golden Age of Spanish Art
PHIL 4760
Spanish Philosophy
ANTH 3390
Studies in Culture: Spain
Group B: Latin American Studies
POLS 2570
Introduction to Latin American Politics
ARTH 4810
Modern Art in Latin America
ECON 3790
Economies of Latin America
PHIL 4750
Latin American Philosophy
THEO 3415
Christ and Color: Liberation Theology
EAS 2930
Special Topics
Language and Literature
Select a minimum of three credits from group B:3-6
Group A: Spanish Literature
SPAN 4200
Introduction to Hispanic Literatures
SPAN 4560
Don Quixote
SPAN 4660
Generation of 98
SPAN 4680
Contemporary Spanish Short Story
SPAN 4700
20th Century Spanish Poetry
SPAN 4710
20th Century Spanish Novel
SPAN 4720
Twentieth Century Spanish Drama
SPAN 4750
Spanish Novel After 1970
SPAN 4760
Spanish Literature and Film
SPAN 4790
Spanish Culture & Civilization
SPAN 4850
Don Quixote and the Books that Drove Him Mad
Group B: Latin American Literature and Portuguese
SPAN 4200
Introduction to Hispanic Literatures
SPAN 4240
Short Stories: History, Histories. Deciphering Latin-American Societies and Cultures
SPAN 4260
Latin American 'Modernism'
SPAN 4270
Contemporary Latin American Poetry
SPAN 4290
Contemporary Latin American Novel
SPAN 4330
Latin Am Novel after 1970
SPAN 4350
Latin American Testimony
SPAN 4370
Latin American Film
SPAN 4380
Cultural Stereotypes: Latin Am
SPAN 4930
Special Topics (Modern Tendencies in 20-Century Hispanic Drama)
SPAN 4930
Special Topics (Hispanic Literature in the US)
PG 2010
Intermediate Portuguese: Language & Culture
Total Credits18

Continuation Standards

All Ibero-American studies minor courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher to count for the minor and for the student to continue in the minor.