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Rudy Pett, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Communication

Courses Taught

Advocacy; Interpersonal Communication (graduate); Public Speaking


  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
  • M.A., University of Texas at Austin
  • B.A., University of Richmond

Research Interests

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Close relationships
  • Disclosure
  • Relationship complaints

Publications and Media Placements

  • Pett, R. C., Hazlett, A. D., & Brass-Rosenfield, C. (2023). A phronetic iterative analysis of decisions to disclose negative feelings about others’ (non)compliance with recommended COVID precaution behaviors. Communication Studies, 74(5), 462-480.
  • Krawietz, C. E., & Pett, R. C. (2023). A systematic literature review of latent variable mixture modeling in communication scholarship. Communication Methods and Measures, 17(2), 82-110.
  • Pett, R. C., Lozano, P. A., & Varga, S. (2023). Revisiting the languages of love: An empirical test of the validity assumptions underlying Chapman’s (2015) five love languages typology. Communication Reports, 36(1), 54-67.
  • Sillars, A., Pett, R. C., Canary, D. J., & Vangelisti, A. L. (2021). Conflict and relational quality in families. In A. L. Vangelisti (Ed.), The Routledge handbook of family communication (3rd ed.). Routledge.
  • Pett, R. C., & Zhong, L. (2020). Theories of relational communication. In D. Usera (Ed.), Communicating to connect: Interpersonal communication for today. Retrieved from CC-BY-NC-SA 1.0 license.
  • Dailey, R. M., Zhong, L., Pett, R. C., & Varga, S. (2020). Post-dissolution ambivalence, breakup adjustment, and relationship reconciliation. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 37(5), 1604–1625.
  • Dailey, R. M., Zhong, L., Pett, R. C., Scott, D. N., & Krawietz, C. E. (2020). Investigating relationship dispositions as explanations for on-again/off-again relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 37(1), 201-211.

Professional Organizations and Associations

  • National Communication Association