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Donald Stump, Ph.D.

Department of English


Ph.D. Cornell University English, 1978
M.A. Cornell University English, 1974
B.A. Grinnell College English, 1969

Research Interests

Renaissance literature and its classical and biblical backgrounds; Elizabeth I and the writers of her court; the Bible and literature; fantasy.

Publications and Media Placements


Spenser’s Heavenly Elizabeth: Providential History in “The Faerie Queene.” Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, Springer International, 2019, 337 pp.

Elizabeth I and the ‘Sovereign Arts': Essays in Literature, History, and Culture.
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Editor-in-Chief, 'Hamartia': The Concept of Error in the Western Tradition. Essays in Honor of John M. Crossett. Edited by Donald Stump, J.A. Arieti, Lloyd Gerson, and Eleonore Stump. Texts and Studies in Religion, vol. 16. New York and Toronto: Edwin Mellen Press, 1983.

Special Journal Issue

Images of Elizabeth I: A Quadricentennial Celebration. Edited by Donald Stump and Carole Levin. Explorations in Renaissance Culture 30 (Summer 2004): 158 pp.


“Elizabeth and Her Favorites: Britomart, Florimell, and Oram’s Concept of Fragmented Historical Persons.” Spenser Studies 34 (2020): 177-84.

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