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Ellen Crowell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


M.A., University of Texas, 1998
Ph.D., University of Texas, 2004

Research Interests

Ellen Crowell's major research areas coalesce around the cultural pre-history of modernism. Through research and teaching that seeks to link the late-Victorian intellectual and artistic movements of Aestheticism and Decadence to Modernist writing in English, her work illuminates the pre-history of modernism as a historical period heralding a transformative change in political, social, and aesthetic expression. Particular areas of focus include: Modernist writing in English; the cultural history of Decadence and Aestheticism; Queer Theory and the History of Sexuality; Film Studies and Modernist Cinema; and Irish Studies, with particular emphasis on Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats, and Elizabeth Bowen. Her publications include Aristocratic Drag: The Dandy in Irish and American Southern Fiction (Edinburgh, 2007), "The Picture of Charles Bon: Oscar Wilde's Trip Through Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha" (2004), and "Scarlet Carsons, Men in Masks: The Wildean Contexts of V for Vendetta (2009). Her current book project, Oscar Wilde's Body, reconstructs forgotten subcultures of mourning, fandom, and queer self-fashioning to reimagine Oscar Wilde's presence in the literary and cultural landscapes of early modernism.

Publications and Media Placements

The Dandy in Irish and American Southern Fiction: Aristocratic Drag. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2007.


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