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Stephen Casmier, Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Georgia K. Johnston Professor

Research Interests

Stephen Casmier's research explores the texts and criticism of African American literature of the 20th and 21s centuries. Above all, his work struggles to understand and elucidate the powerful, transcendent, resistant, and counterhegemonic notion of blackness. His book, African American Literature of the 21st Century and the Black Arts: The Case of John Edgar Wideman (2021) gives critical attention to John Edgar Wideman as one of the most significant, innovative, critically acclaimed, yet in many ways underappreciated writers of the last 50 years. This work argues that Wideman’s relentless aesthetic experimentation expresses continuities with works of the Black Aesthetic movement. He also has interests in black American expressive culture and the impact of media on consciousness. His research areas are: 20th and 21st Century African American Literature, 20th and 21st Century African American Literature, Postcolonial and Literature of the African Diaspora,

Publications and Media Placements

While teaching at Saint Louis University, Casmier has continued to contribute articles to newspapers, magazines, and blogs such as NPR, Code Switch: Race and Identity Remixed,, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and Ishmael Reed's Conch magazine.


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