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George O. Ndege, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Courses Taught

History of Africa to 1884; History of Africa since 1884; African Economic History; Health and Society in Africa; Decolonization and Independence in Africa; Africa and the Cold War; Imperialism and Nationalism in Africa.


Ph.D., West Virgina University, 1996; 

M.A., University of Nairobi, 1990;

B.A., University of Nairobi, 1986.

Research Interests

My primary area of research is Africa. I am interested in all periods of African history. My research focuses on the history of health and society in Africa. The complex interlacing of the past and present political, economic, and social formations is the subject of my most recent book, Culture and Customs of Mozambique. My monograph, Health, State, and Society in Kenya, is a study of the interface between Western biomedicine and the therapeutic systems of local societies, and the hierarchies of power and agency engendered by these asymmetric relations. I am currently completing a project on Mental Health and Cultural Conversations in Colonial East Africa.

Publications and Media Placements


  • Culture and Customs of Mozambique (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2007).
  • Health, State, and Society in Kenya (Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2001).

Edited Volume

  • Michal Jan Rozbicki and George O. Ndege, eds., Cross-Cultural History and the Domestication of Otherness (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012)

Journal Articles

  • "Reflections on the Role of the State in Public Health Care Development in Kenya," Journal of Development Alternatives and Area Studies 20 (2001): 123-34.

Essays in Edited Volumes

  • "Conflict and Compromise: Western medicine and Cultural Contestation in Colonial Kenya," in Cross-Cultural History and the Domestication of Otherness, Michal Jan Rozbicki and George O. Ndege, eds. (New York: Palgrave/Macmillan, 2012) 
  • "Teen Life in Uganda," in Teens in Africa, ed. Toyin Falola (Westport: Greenwood Press, 2004), pp. 269-86.
  • "East Africa since Independence," in Africa, vol. 5: Contemporary Africa, ed. Toyin Falola (Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2003), pp. 823-41.
  • "Westernization of Health Services," in Africa, vol. 4: The End of Colonial Rule, Nationalism and Decolonization, ed. Toyin Falola (Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2002), pp. 249-62.
  • "Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Shaky Foundation of Political Multipartyism in Kenya: The Colonial Origins," in Ethnicity, Nationalism and Democracy in Africa, ed. Bethwell Allan Ogot (Maseno: IRPS, 1997).
  • "History of Pastoralism in Kenya, 1895-1980," and "Tourism in Kenya: Genesis, Growth and Impact," in An Economic History of Kenya, eds. William R. Ochieng' and Robert M. Maxon (Nairobi: East African Educational Publishers, 1992.