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Alex Beezley

The writing and critical thinking skills that Alex Beezley acquired in the German studies program are giving him an edge in law school.

Alex Beezley
When did you graduate from SLU and with what degree?

I graduated from SLU in May 2019 with majors in German studies and history and a minor in legal studies.

What was the best part of being a part of the German program at SLU – or a favorite memory?

The best part of being a part of the German program was being able to take in-depth classes about different topics in German culture. Another thing that I enjoyed was being required to speak and write exclusively in German for my classes. Although this was challenging, it was also rewarding because I became more confident and proficient in my oral and writing skills. Finally, I appreciated the opportunity to study abroad at Heidelberg University, as I was able to become immersed in German culture and improve my oral and written communication skills.

Why would you recommend taking German at SLU to other Billikens?
I would recommend taking German because it allows you to learn about interesting topics, such as German history and German literature. The professors do an excellent job at helping students engage with these topics with both in-class discussions and out-of-class papers. Additionally, the professors are very supportive and want to see students succeed in learning about German language and culture.
What are you doing now?
I am currently a student at Saint Louis University School of Law.
In what way did your German major prepare you for what you do now?
The German major helped me learn how to organize and write a major research paper, which was very useful when I wrote my law journal article. Furthermore, learning German grammar improved my logic and critical thinking skills, which has been helpful for all of my law school classes and will continue to help me as an attorney once I graduate.