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Shannon Sweeney

Shannon Sweeney fondly remembers the realization that she had achieved fluency during a semester abroad. Her career has led her to the Dallas Museum of Art.

Shannon Sweeney
When did you graduate from SLU and with what degree?

I graduated from Saint Louis University in 2010 with a dual bachelor’s degree in art history and German.

What was the best part of being a part of the German program at SLU – or a favorite memory?

I never intended to get a B.A. in German, but the program kept bringing me in. I enjoyed working with Dr. Evelyn Meyer. She is so supportive of her students and the program. She cares deeply about the students. The most memorable class I took was the History of the German Language. I’m a bit of a nerd, so to practice and learn how the language developed over time was incredibly interesting.

The best part about the German program, however, was my semester abroad. It was life-changing and challenging. During this term, I became fluent. I remember the moment when I no longer translated in my head. I was thinking in German. It was an amazing feeling.

Why would you recommend taking German at SLU to other Billikens?

I highly recommend taking German at SLU. The professors are so engaging and care deeply about the students and their success. They are continuously developing classes that accommodate the interests of their students. It’s the community of students and professors that makes the program great.

What are you doing now?

I am currently an Assistant Registrar for Loans and Exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art. I work with the Keir Collection of Islamic Art on loan to the museum and assist with exhibitions.

In what way did your German major prepare you for what you do now?

In my career, I continue to use German. There are artists, lenders, and colleagues that are from German-speaking countries, so I am able to communicate with them in their native language.