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Alumni Profile: Jeremy Ruegg

Jeremy Ruegg received his M.A. in Spanish from SLU in 2018. After graduating, he joined Teach for America and currently teaches high school Spanish in St. Louis.

Jeremy Ruegg


What have you been doing since receiving your M.A. from SLU?
  • Long-term substitute of Spanish 1, 2 and Spanish for Heritage Speakers
  • Substitute for English language learners
  • Spanish 1 adjunct at St. Louis Community College-Meramec
What is the title and description of your current position?
2019 Teach For America Corps Member at Vashon High School teaching Spanish 1 and 2.
In what ways did the SLU M.A. prepare you for what you do today?
  • Improving Spanish skills
  • Learning second language acquisition theory
  • Teaching experience as an instructor
  • Increased resilience
 What are some highlights of your time at SLU?
  • Studied at SLU Madrid for one semester
    • Cultural opportunities to further my academic interests
    • Book presentations by current important Spanish writers
    • Interviewed writer(s) to work on academic papers
    • Plays ranging from classics to movie adaptations to performance art
  • Speaking only Spanish every day
What are your career or academic interests?
  • High school Spanish teacher
  • Second language acquisition
  • 20th Century Latin American and Peninsular literature (novel, short story, and theater)
What does a typical day look like?
  • Lesson planning, instruction, grading
  • Building relationships with students and their families
  • Supporting students’ individual needs teaching at comprehensive school in a low-income community
What do you consider the most essential skills for your career?
  • Relationship Building
  • Resilience/Persistence
  • Problem Solving/Identifying Different Perspectives
  • Classroom Management
  • Knowledge of Second Language Acquisition Theory
  • Curriculum Planning and Design