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John McEwan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Digital Humanities

Courses Taught

World Civilization to 1500; Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to Present; Introduction to Medieval History; Medieval Europe, Renaissance and Reformation; England and Europe 1300-1500; History of London; The Life and Times of Simon de Montfort; History in the Digital World


Ph.D., University of London (Royal Holloway), 2007;

M.A., University of London (Royal Holloway), 2000;

B.A., University of Western Ontario, Canada, 1999;

Research Interests

McEwan specializes in the history of information technology, particularly in urban contexts, and its transformative effects on societies. His research focuses on record keeping, literacy, and local government in urban communities during the Later Middle Ages. He is fascinated by how groups of people form, articulate and express collective identities, what types of social activities those solidarities foster, and how those activities are mediated by and shape information systems. The key to understanding medieval urban society, he argues, is to study the interaction of people and their systems for organizing information. He contends that cities are important not only because they foster new record-keeping practices, but also because those practices enable novel forms of social organization and new political and cultural practices that can shape the development of societies.

As a corollary to this work, he also investigates how the application of electronic data management tools and imaging technology enables us to pose new research questions and extend scholarship in previously impractical directions. His current research explores the intersection of reflectance transformation imaging, optical character recognition, and databases, and shows that the combination of these technologies provides researchers with novel tools to investigate the significance of medieval records.

Publications and Media Placements


Seals in Medieval London, 1050-1300: A Catalogue (London Record Society, 2016).

Edited Volumes

Seals in Context: Medieval Wales and the Marches, eds. J McEwan and E.A. New (Aberystwyth, 2012).


‘New approaches to old questions: digital technology, sigillography and DIGISIG’, in Medieval Studies, Digital Methods, vol. 1 (2022).

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Book Chapters

‘Charity and London Bridge in the thirteenth century’, in Medieval Londoners: Essays to Mark the 80th Birthday of Caroline M. Barron, ed. E. New and C. Steer (Institute of Historical Research, 2019).

‘Does size matter? Seals in England and Wales, ca.1200-1500’, in Companion to Seals in the Middle Ages, ed. L. Whatley (Brill, 2019), 103–126.

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Digital Projects

Digital Sigillography Resource [Website] (St. Louis, Saint Louis Center for Digital Humanities, 2015), accessible at:

Seals in Medieval Wales and the Welsh Marches, c.1200-1500 [Dataset], designed and programmed by J. McEwan (Aberystwyth, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AH/G010994/1): principal investigator, Phillipp Schofield, 2012), accessible at: Aberystwyth University.

Honors and Awards

Mellon Faculty Development Award, Saint Louis University (2022)

Stolle Fund Award, Saint Louis University (2022)

Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies Library Fellowship, Durham University, UK (2016)

CENDARI (Collaborative European Digital Archive Infrastructure) transnational fellowship, Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities, Germany (2015)

John Brockway Huntington Foundation Fellowship, Huntington Library, California (2015)

British Academy, Neil Ker Memorial Fund (P.I); ‘Designing Records: Twelfth-Century Scribes and the Production of Charters in the British Isles’ (2012-13)

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship (2000-04)

British Council Overseas Research Studentship (2000-03)

University of London, Royal Holloway College Research Award (2000-03)

London Goodenough Association of Canada Scholarship for Study in London (1999)