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Scott Berman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Academic Program Coordinator
Prison Education Program


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1990

Research Interests

Scott Berman (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison 1990) specializes in ancient Greek philosophy and contemporary metaphysics. His current research focuses on the metaphysical theories of Plato and Aristotle as they relate to the contemporary discussions in metaphysics on the nature of universals and particulars.


Publications and Media Placements

  • Platonism and the Objects of Science. (London: Bloomsbury 2020)
  • "Prudence and Morality: Socrates vs. Moral Philosophers" South African Journal of Philosophy (Special Issue: On Happiness) 33 (2014): 381-94.
  • "A Platonic Theory of Truthmaking," Metaphysica 14 (2013): 109-25.
  • Interview: (2012)
  • "Universals: Ways or Things?" Metaphysica 9 (2008): 219-234.
  • “A Defense of Psychological Egoism,” in Desire, Identity and Existence (A special issue of the journal Apeiron), edited by N. Reshotko (Academic Printing & Publishing, 2003): 143-57.
  • "Plato's Explanation of False Belief in the Sophist," Apeiron 29 (1996): 19-46.
  • "Socrates and Callicles on Pleasure," Phronesis 36 (1991): 117-40.