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Undergraduate Programs

The study of philosophy helps students develop the skills and habits required for critical and reflective thought. You will gain a deeper understanding of the foundation and application of ethical principles. You will investigate and discuss the grounds from which to examine the meaning of life. In all of these ways, undergraduate courses in philosophy are designed to address the cultural, critical, and religious objectives of a complete education.

Students who pursue a degree in philosophy will find themselves well-prepared for any number of career options. Philosophy provides excellent training for those interested in pursuing professional degrees in law, business or medicine. Not only do philosophy majors excel on entrance exams for professional programs, but the analytical and communication skills they develop in their philosophical studies are essential for their future success in such programs.

Studying Philosophy

Undergraduate students at Saint Louis University may pursue a philosophy minor or philosophy major. Philosophy majors can pursue three different concentrations: historical, health sciences, or society and law. The latter two are specially geared for pre-professional students.  Pre-law students may be interested in the accelerated philosophy major to SLU Law program. 

Philosophy majors follow the bachelor of arts core curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences. The major itself involves 30 hours of coursework and is completed by writing and presenting a senior inquiry project.

The philosophy minor requires 18 credit hours: Introduction to Philosophy (3 hrs), Ethics (3 hrs), and any other four philosophy courses (12 hrs of electives). 

Philosophy Club

The Saint Louis University Philosophy Club is dedicated to providing stimulating and accessible philosophical discussions for SLU undergraduates with the hope of increasing interest in philosophy across campus, helping philosophy students pursue post-graduate interests and having a good time. 

The club meets most Thursdays from 7 to 8 p.m. in room 142 of Adorjan Hall. For more information, follow the club on Facebook or SLU Groups, or email