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Liz Chiarello, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Courses Taught

Medical Sociology, Law & Society, Organizations, Professions


Ph.D., University of California, Irvine

Research Interests

Chiarello's research examines stability and change in professional fields by bridging rarely integrated subfields—sociological theories of organizations and medicine and socio-legal theories of criminality and frontline work. Primarily using qualitative, ethnographic methods, she concentrates on pharmacy, a highly understudied profession caught in the crossfires of contemporary political conflict. She focuses on two particularly controversial types of drugs: emergency contraceptive pills and narcotics. Though these drugs serve very different physical functions, they are subject to overlapping social contexts and similar mechanisms of resistance by political groups.

Publications and Media Placements

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2013. Chiarello, E. "Contextualizing Consequences: A Socio-legal Approach to Social Movement Consequences in Professional Fields." Mobilization: An International Quarterly 18(4): 429-451.

2013. Chiarello, E. "How Organizational Context Affects Bioethical Decision-Making: Pharmacists’ Management of Gatekeeping Processes in Retail and Hospital Settings." Social Science & Medicine 98: 319-329.

2011. Chiarello, E. "Challenging Professional Self-Regulation: Social Movement Influence on Pharmacy Rulemaking in Washington State." Work and Occupations 38: 303-339.

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