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Billiken Profiles: Cammy Fuller

For sophomore Cammy Fuller, Saint Louis University is a home away from home (but not too far away from home — she's a St. Louis native.) From mentoring other students in SLU's School of Education to being an officer in the Black Student Alliance, Cammy is always looking for ways to support other Billikens. 

SLU student Cammy Fuller

Cammy Fuller (photographed by Sarah Conroy)

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Education: Early Childhood  

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri 

Clubs and Organizations: Mentor for School of Education students, Treasurer of Black Student Alliance, Readers2Leaders.

Why I Chose SLU

I chose SLU because it is where God placed me. I didn't originally want to go here, but there was just something different about it here. An experience that affirmed my decision to attend SLU was when everything kind of fell into place for my attendance at SLU. From the financials, to who else would be attending SLU with me, etc. 

Billiken Pride

One of my favorite things about the Billiken community is the sense of pride in being a Billiken. If anyone can agree on something, it's that we are all proud Billikens.

What's Cool About My Major

You are put into the field of education right away. There are so many opportunities from being a part of the School of Education, and overall a sense of family. 

SLU's Campus

The first time I visited SLU I felt home. My favorite part of SLU's campus is that there is always something to do!

Something I Love About St. Louis 

I’ve lived in St. Louis all my life, but being on campus is like a home away from home. 

Advice for Your College Search 

When visiting a college campus ask, ask, ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the campus environment, the student involvement, and whatever else interests you. 


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