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One-Year MBA Class of 2024

Saint Louis University's One-Year MBA program at SLU's Chaifetz School of Business brings together students from across the country and the world to develop the practical, in-demand skills needed to achieve business results.

Joselyn Avelino

Hometown: Lima, PeruJoselyn Avelino headshot

Growing up in Peru, Joselyn discovered her knack for connecting with people through business. Armed with a solid finance background and a wealth of experience in budgeting and analysis, she spent seven years immersed in the retail industry. During this time, Joselyn gained invaluable insights into the transformative potential of data, fueling her passion for business development, innovation, and the strategic use of analytics to create consumer-centric strategies that foster growth.

Currently enrolled in an MBA program at Saint Louis University, Joselyn is on a mission to transition from finance to marketing analytics and performance. Post-graduation, she eagerly anticipates combining her numerical skillset with a global perspective, aspiring to assume a leadership role in an agile, innovative organization dedicated to making a lasting impact in the US market.

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Takunda ChokururamaTakunda Chokururama

Takunda Chokururama is an ambitious MBA candidate at Saint Louis University, building upon a strong academic foundation in Management Information Systems (MIS) from the University of Missouri–St. Louis (UMSL). His focus lies in data analysis and a future foray into the rental real estate sector. His undergraduate tenure at UMSL honed Takunda's proficiency in information systems and ignited his passion for utilizing data analytics to inform strategic decision-making. He aims to leverage his expertise in data analysis to excel in this dynamic field while concurrently planning to venture into rental real estate, driven by a desire for long-term investment and contribution to the housing market. The pursuit of an MBA at SLU is a strategic step for Takunda. The program's curriculum, emphasizing data-driven decision-making and practical learning, offers an ideal platform to refine his analytical skills and deepen his understanding of business dynamics. Takunda envisions utilizing this education to navigate the intersection of data analysis and real estate, anticipating a meaningful impact in both spheres.

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Kimberley D'SouzaKimberley D'Souza

Kimberley has a master's degree in industrial psychology with a concentration in statistics, and she is poised to elevate her professional capabilities through the One-Year MBA program at the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business. Her goal is to augment her strategic thinking and managerial proficiency. Leveraging her dedication to integrating psychological insights with analytical methodologies, she adeptly navigates the intersection of psychology and data analytics. Kim is enthusiastic about contributing to advancements in research and business analytics, actively refining her business strategy and management skills. She serves as a graduate student assistant at the Center for Supply Chain Management at the business school, and an MBA consultant at Technology Partners, playing a pivotal role in a practicum program centered around data analysis. With a robust foundation in both psychology and business, Kim envisions navigating the dynamic landscape of data-driven decision-making and assuming a crucial role in shaping effective business strategies. Post-graduation, her aspiration is to apply this unique skill set in corporate tech roles within the St. Louis area.

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Lindsey EvansLindsey Evans

Lindsey Evans is a recent graduate from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She obtained her degree in health services administration with a general business minor. In her last semester as an undergraduate student, Lindsey interned at the Population Health Department at Augusta Health, a nonprofit hospital. Throughout her internship, Lindsey dedicated her efforts to projects aimed at addressing substance use disorder within her community. Notably, she played a pivotal role in implementing a screening process for Augusta Health's mobile clinic. From this experience, she learned the value of strong leadership, communication, and operational efficiency. With a dual MHA/MBA degree from Saint Louis University, Lindsey hopes to work in a nonprofit health system, with a focus on community outreach programs.

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Alex Gioia

Hometown: Buffalo, New YorkAlex Gioia

Alex is in his final semester as a JD/MBA student at SLU. Prior to coming to St. Louis, Alex graduated magna cum laude from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in philosophy and digital media. He then spent a year working in Portland, Oregon, at an inpatient men’s drug and alcohol recovery center as an Americorps volunteer for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest. Since beginning law school in 2021, Alex has taken several litigation-centered courses, including Trial Advocacy and Moot Court, where he finished as a leading participant. This spring, Alex will be working for his practicum project at Nestlé Purina and in MiTek Inc.’s legal department for his field placement at SLU LAW. After graduating this May and taking the bar exam, he plans on working in a business and legal capacity in the St. Louis area.

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Cecelia Golinvaux

Cecelia Golinvaux

Cecelia Golinvaux graduated from SLU in May 2023 with a major in criminology and criminal justice, and minors in urban poverty studies and women and gender studies. She aims to combine what she learned in undergrad in terms of communication and solving complex issues with the business knowledge she has gained from this MBA program. Cecelia is a graduate assistant for Habitat for Neighborhood Businesses, a team lead in a geointelligence project, and the team liaison for her practicum project with the Pujols Family Foundation. In her free time, Cece volunteers as a tutor for at-risk children in Saint Louis. Upon graduation, Cecelia hopes to pursue a career in consulting where she can work to solve complex problems and interact with clients. 

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Taylor Griffin

Hometown: St. LouisTaylor Griffin

Taylor Griffin graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in communications and minors in human development and family studies, and multicultural studies. After graduation, Taylor decided to pursue her One-Year MBA to build on this knowledge as well as apply it towards a deeper understanding of the business environment. Taylor is a data analytics consultant with Nestle Purina North America as part of her practicum project. With the help of the OYMBA Program, she hopes to challenge herself to new understandings and experiences to grow more professionally rounded. Upon completion, Taylor plans to pursue a career in marketing or brand management. 

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Manasa Gudipati

Hometown: Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaManasa Gudipati

Meet Manasa Gudipati, an accomplished business professional holding a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in finance. Originating from India, Manasa brings forth a wealth of experience in business development, finance, and operations. While pursuing a second master's degree with a concentration in data analytics, she is also a graduate assistant in the finance department. Engaged in a challenging consulting project at Equifax, Manasa skillfully combines her financial expertise with technical skills to navigate intricate scenarios. Her ultimate aspiration is to thrive in a career that seamlessly integrates finance and technology, leveraging her dual expertise. With an exceptional history of accomplishments in academia and the professional sphere, Manasa Gudipati is strategically positioned to make a significant impact where finance converges with data analytics.

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Debdatta GuptaDebdatta Gupta

Debdatta Gupta is a recent computer science graduate with a passion for programming and data analysis. While pursuing an MBA with a focus on data analytics at Saint Louis University's Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business, she is on a mission to enhance her analytical and business acumen. Proficient in a range of programming languages, including Python and Java, as well as skilled in data mining and analysis, Debdatta brings a versatile technical skill set to the table. She works as a graduate assistant and also serves as an MBA consultant at Technology Partners, playing a pivotal role in the practicum program focused on data analysis. Upon graduation, Debdatta is poised to leverage her technical skills to drive data-driven decision-making in a dynamic organizational setting

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Joyce Hsieh

Hometown: St. LouisJoyce Hsieh

Joyce Hsieh, (pronounced "Joyce Shay"), graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Management, minored in Economics, and earned certificates in human resources management and multicultural studies at the University of Missouri. Pursuing the OYMBA directly after completing her undergraduate degree at Mizzou, she aspired to explore the grey area that exists between graduating and joining the workforce in search of what she wants to do with her life and Master of Business Administration degree. After graduation, Joyce plans to have a secure occupation that she enjoys, in a safe, accepting and healthy environment, where she is supported and can be a great teammate, leader and person. As someone who has a positive demeanor and likes to uplift and inspire those around her, in her past experiences, Joyce has brightened the lives of others as an intern at the University Concert Series in Columbia, Missouri, as a Camp Trulaske counselor, as the community moderator for YouTube violinist ItsAMoney, and as a hostess at Panera Bread. During her free time, she advocates the importance of self-love, self-care, respecting individual differences and creative expressions, healing one's psychological and physical health, appreciating diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as being respectful and kind. Joyce strives to make meaningful connections and to ensure the people she interacts with feel they are included, heard, and shown that they matter because we do not know what other people are going through and vocal compliments are not given enough.

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Alexey Kalinin

Hometown: Belgorod, RussiaAlexey Kalinin

Alexey Kalinin is pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics at Saint Louis University. Alexey embarked on his academic journey in the United Kingdom, where he studied at Kingston University London. He completed his undergraduate studies in international business, acquiring a
comprehensive understanding of global business practices. Eager to further his knowledge and expertise, he pursued a master's degree in international relations at Kingston University, deepening his understanding of international affairs and geopolitical landscapes. Following his studies, Alexey gained valuable professional experience in the field. He worked as an account executive in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he managed key clients and implemented new sales strategies. Also, he worked at LLC Bioresources as a supply chain manager, where he optimized inventory management processes and logistics.

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Chris Kim

Hometown: Vernon Hills, IllinoisChris Kim

Chris is a 2023 graduate of Saint Louis University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He chose to stay another year as a Billiken by experiencing and learning from the accelerated One-Year MBA program at Chaifetz to better explore careers in the business industry. He worked as a graduate assistant at the Student Involvement Center under the Fraternity and Sorority Life Department. Just as any recent graduate of a four-year university, Chris hopes to explore the opportunities that the OYMBA can provide him in regard to work experience and focused career skills. With interests in digital media marketing and project management, Chris hopes to use the skills and knowledge he learned in the MBA courses, combined with his passion for photography and videography, to pursue a career in management of art direction and creative consulting.

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Joe Lane

Hometown: St. LouisJoe Lane

Joe Lane graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2022, where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate with a Minor in Management Information Systems (MIS). Prior to enrolling in 
SLU's One-Year MBA Program, Joe interned for a commercial real estate development company in St. Louis for 10 months, where he conducted market research reports, created annual budgets, and reconciled tax parcels along with many other tasks. Through this, Joe realized that he wanted to continue his education and picked SLU because of its data analytics focus and the accelerated (11 months) format. After graduation, Joe would like to stay in St. Louis and work in the commercial real estate industry or commercial banking.

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Isreal McClendon 

Isreal McClendon

In 2023, Isreal McClendon graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology from Philander Smith University, an HBCU in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her leadership experiences include serving as a residential assistant, McKinley Newton Honors Academy Scholar, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated Gamma Alpha Chapter chaplain, and president of Different By God’s Design— a Christian ministry she founded in partnership with Philander Smith University’s Office of Religious Life and Campus Culture. Professionally, Isreal interned with Washington University’s The S.P.O.T., then served as a mayoral public engagement fellow for the City of Saint Louis. She volunteers at Nine PBS, participates in film-industry readiness workshops hosted by Missouri + Kansas City Film Office/Continuity CREW/KC PBS, and delivers data analytics consulting for the Pujols Family Foundation in tandem with her practicum. Isreal’s passion, purpose, and vision are to help inspire child welfare system reform, improve the quality of life for children and families vulnerable to systemic injustice, prevent the perpetuation of trauma, and heal marginalized communities globally. Isreal will utilize her Master of Business Administration Degree from Saint Louis University to implement an impactful and sustainable business plan in alignment with her life’s purpose to positively influence inequitable systems through Christian film production.

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Elise Miller

Hometown: Greenwood, IndianaMackenzie Poole crosses her arms and smiles for the camera outside of Cook Hall

Elise Miller graduated from Hanover College in 2023 with a degree in business and a concentration in finance. During her undergraduate career, she interned for the Superior Court and Hanover College Football Team doing sports analytics. Currently, Elise is a graduate assistant for the economics department and contributes to the Technology Partners consulting project. Elise says she chose the One-Year MBA program to deepen her knowledge in data analytics and refine her business skillset. Her goal after graduation includes working in a finance position in the St. Louis area. 

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Ernesto Ochoa Sanchez

Hometown: Saltillo, Mexico
Ernesto Ochoa Sanchez

Ernesto Ochoa is a student in the One-Year MBA Program at SLU. Born and raised in northern Mexico, he's very passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and business development. He possesses an undergrad degree in business creation and development and has several years of experience in innovation management and customer success. After his graduation, Ernesto looks forward to pursuing a leadership role in an agile and dynamic organization where he can leverage his previous experience and knowledge to further his career path.

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Joseph Preboy

Hometown: Plano, TexasJoseph Preboy

Joseph Preboy, a 2023 graduate of Saint Louis University with a degree in mechanical engineering, is a multifaceted individual with a passion for service and a drive for success. From an early age, Joseph demonstrated his commitment to helping others, from volunteering to establishing a fund for an orphanage in India. His philanthropic spirit and dedication to making a positive impact have been constant themes in his life.

In addition to his academic achievements, Joseph is a black belt holder in tae kwon do and mixed martial arts, showcasing his discipline and focus. As a state finalist in both basketball and track during high school, he displayed versatility and athletic prowess.

Joseph's journey is defined by unwavering commitment and hard work, traits that have propelled him to his pursuit of an MBA. This advanced degree serves as a strategic framework for him to blend his engineering expertise with analytical knowledge, paving the way for a future in project management. Ultimately, Joseph aspires to channel his skills into the establishment of his own construction company, embodying his entrepreneurial spirit and ambitious vision for the future.

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Sam RattermanSam Ratterman

In 2023, Sam Ratterman graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance and a sincere resolve to transform the business landscape. His academic journey, punctuated by tireless dedication and a desire for new knowledge, laid the groundwork for his unwavering pursuit of professional excellence. His tenure as a staff accountant at MBR Management Corporation was more than a job — it was the springboard for his aspirations. Driven by a deep desire to enhance his contribution to the evolving business sphere, Sam yearned for a deeper understanding of the intricacies governing modern commerce. He recognized the pressing need to fortify his skill in an increasingly competitive market. This realization led him to Saint Louis University's acclaimed One-Year MBA program. The program was attractive to him because of the emphasis on data analytics and immersive consulting projects. Here, Sam didn't merely acquire knowledge; he forged a path toward a more impactful future. Armed with insights into data-driven decision-making and equipped with the tools of strategic consultancy, he emerged from the program as a catalyst for change. Upon graduating in the spring, Sam accepted a role at RSM as an audit associate in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was not merely a career move but a conscious choice to get out of his comfort zone and grow as a young adult. This rendition amplifies Sam's journey as a conscious pursuit of growth and change, highlighting his transitions as deliberate steps toward making a meaningful impact in the world of business. 

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Nikolaus Ryczek

Hometown: Park Ridge, IllinoisNikolaus Ryczek

Nikolaus Ryczek completed his undergraduate studies at Saint Louis University in the spring of 2023. He graduated in three years with magna cum laude honors, receiving a B.S. in Data Science and a B.A. in Mathematics. Given his undergraduate background, the program’s emphasis on data analytics was integral in his decision to attend the Chaifetz School of Business. Additionally, the opportunity to gain real-world experience through the MBA program was invaluable to him. Nikolaus sees a possible future in consulting where he can not only apply his analytical skills but also generate rapport with clients. 

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Daniella Soriano

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Daniella SorianoRaised in Toledo, Ohio, with roots in the Philippines, Daniella Soriano has always been driven to make a positive impact. This passion led her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Health Issues and a Minor in Spanish at the University of Toledo. While initially drawn to medicine, Daniella's interest in health and wellness eventually led her to pursue a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology. This experience, coupled with her curiosity for business, sparked her exploration of new professional paths. 

Daniella's career journey began in the staffing industry, where she honed her recruiting skills at Maxim Healthcare Staffing. She then transitioned into business development, where she excelled at unlocking new opportunities in the educational services sector and spearheading growth initiatives. This success continued at VetIQ Staffing, where she increased market share and expanded territories as a client sales manager. She is a graduate assistant for the Graduate Business Programs and is a part of the Nestle Purina Practicum where she contributes significantly to the team, which further enriches her understanding of business operations and leadership.

Daniella's commitment to positive impact extends outside of work, as she actively volunteers with Young Friends of Girls on the Run. Her commitment to community aligns with her pursuit of a One-Year MBA to enhance her strategic and innovation expertise. Daniella looks forward to using her diverse background and education to create a fulfilling career that seamlessly combines innovation and strategic insights, ultimately leaving a lasting positive impact. Outside of the classroom, Daniella finds balance in her love for animals (especially her dogs, Archie and Jager), baking, and staying physically active. 

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Meg Tensing

Hometown: St. Louis

Meg TensingMeg is a graduate student at Saint Louis University pursuing a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Data Analytics. In May 2023, she graduated from the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business at Saint Louis University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Minor in International Business. During this next year, she is eager to learn and grow while enhancing her technical skills within the business world. Her friends, classmates, and professors would agree that she is a diligent, reliable, and enthusiastic leader with a determination to bring people together in order to achieve a common goal. Eventually, she would love to use her skills to advocate for the equality of women in dance.

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