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Transgender Health Collaborative

The Transgender Health Collaborative is a network of researchers and clinicians working with the transgender community throughout Saint Louis University and partner organizations.  The collaborative was established in 2020 to promote the health of the transgender and genderqueer community through clinical services, research and clinical education. 

About the Collaborative

The Transgender Health Collaborative includes faculty across a variety of disciplines, including: endocrinology, family medicine, medical family therapy, medical laboratory science, nutrition and dietetics and speech-language pathology. 

Transgender Health Collaborative Members

The goals of the collaborative are to:

  • Advance gender-affirming healthcare
  • Promote research productivity related to transgender health
  • Train future healthcare professionals to be competent in gender-affirming practices through clinical education

Their guiding principles include: meaningful engagement with the transgender community; an interdisciplinary approach to research and clinical practice; partnership with on-campus and community-based organizations; Ad Majoren Dei Gloriam; Cura Personalis.

Transgender Health Collaborative Strategic Map

For more information about the Transgender Health Collaborative, contact Nutrition and Dietetics Assistant Professor Whitney Linsenmeyer, Ph.D., RD, LD (she/her) at

Clinical Services Offered

Paul C. Reinert Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic

The clinic provides services related to speech, language and hearing, including feminizing and maculinizing voice therapy for gender diverse patients. As part of the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences graduate program, the Reinert clinic is a training site where clients are seen by student-clinicians under the supervision of a licensed and certified Speech-Langauge Pathologist. There is no fee charged to clients for services.

McGannon Hall Suite 32
3750 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis MO 63110
Provider: Emily Buxbaum, MS, CCC-SLP
To make an appointment: Call 314-977-3365 and request an appointment with Emily Buxbaum.

Reproductive Endocrinology

Michael Thomure, MD is a board certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and surgeon who provides gender-affirming healthcare, reproductive healthcare and fertility options for transgender adults at SLUCare’s Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health.

1031 Bellevue Ave, Suite 400, St. Louis MO 63117
Provider: Michael Thomure, MD
To make an appointment: Call 314-977-7455 and request Dr. Thomure.

Family Care Health Center

The mission of Family Care Health Center is to provide affordable and accessible comprehensive primary care services to anyone, with emphasis on the medically underserved. No health insurance is required. Dr. Theresa Drallmeier provides gender-affirming healthcare for transmasculine and transfeminine patients.

401 Holly Hills Ave, St. Louis MO 63111
Provider: Theresa Drallmeier, MD
To make an appointment: Call 314-353-5190 and request Dr. Drallmeier; please specify that you are seeking gender-affirming care. 

Queer and Trans Wellness Clinic @ SLU

The Queer and Trans Wellness Clinic @ SLU seeks to be a safe haven and advocate with the LGBTQIA+ community of Missouri. We strive to promote flourishing for LGBTQIA+ people that builds a life and world worth living in through psychotherapy services. These services include individual, couple, family and group therapy for queer and trans people of all ages. The cost of services are based on a sliding scale, down to $10 per session. Services are provided by graduate students in the family therapy, clinical psychology, and social work graduate programs at Saint Louis University in the Center for Counseling and Family Therapy.

Queer and Trans Wellness Clinic @ SLU

Center for Counseling and Family Therapy
3700 Lindell Blvd, Morrissey Hall, Suite 1100, St. Louis MO 63108
Supervisor: Katie Heiden-Rootes, PhD, LMFT
To make an appointment: Call 314-977-2505 and request The QT Clinic.


The Interprofessional Transgender Health Education Day 

The Interprofessional Transgender Health Education Day (ITHED) provides foundational knowledge on transgender health and gender-inclusive communication for students in clinical education or training programs at Saint Louis University.  Our partners from the Metro Trans Umbrella Group and the Planned Parenthood TRANSforming Community, TRANSforming Care team collaborated on the development and delivery of this one-day educational event.  

The inaugural ITHED was held on October 22, 2021 with support from an ASAHP grant and included Saint Louis University students from the medical school, medical family therapy program, dietetic interns, and speech language and hearing students program.  

The upcoming ITHED is scheduled for October 14, 2022.  For more information, contact Whitney Linsenmeyer at   

Selected Publications

The effects of gender identity change efforts on Black, Latinx, and White transgender and gender nonbinary adults: Implications for ethical clinical practice

An examination of the sex-specific nature of nutrition assessment within the nutrition care process: Considerations for nutrition and dietetics practitioners working with transgender and gender diverse clients

Validation of the nine-item avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder screen (NIAS) among transgender and nonbinary youth and young adults

Disordered eating, food insecurity, and weight status among transgender and gender nonbinary youth and young adults: A cross-sectional study using a nutrition screening protocol

Towards gender-affirming nutrition assessment: A case series of adult transgender men with distinct nutrition considerations

Caring for our transgender patients and clients: Nutrition-related clinical and psychosocial considerations

The evolution of a FtM transgender male’s relationship with food and exercise: A narrative inquiry

Under Review

Heiden-Rootes, K., Benson, K., Carmichael, A., & Capshaw, E. (under review). Families build resilient futures for trans youth: Conceptualizing trans youth mental health within a family resilience framework. Journal of Family Theory & Review.

Heiden-Rootes, K., Meyer, D., Sledge, R., Linsenmeyer, W., Drallmeier, T., & Davis, B. (under review). “She’s my unicorn doctor”: Experiences in healthcare for transgender adults seeking hormone therapy. Journal of Homosexuality.

Linsenmeyer W, Stiles D, Drallmeier T, Heiden-Rootes K, Rahman R, Buxbaum E, Gombos B, Harris N, Johnson S, Lantz C, Otte A, Rosen W, Lillioja S.  (under review).  Advancing inclusion of transgender and gender diverse identities in clinical education: The Interprofessional Transgender Health Education Day.  Journal of Allied Health. 

Linsenmeyer W, Heiden-Rootes K, Drallmeier T, Thomure M, Nye E, Armstrong E.  (under review).  Becoming a “big dude”: A narrative inquiry on the evolving role of nutrition and exercise in the lives of transgender men.  SSM-Qualitative Research in Health. 


Missouri Foundation for Health.  Improving the Health and Safety of Missouri Transgender and Queer Youth. 2020-2022.  Primary Investigator: Katie Heiden-Rootes, PhD, LMFT.  Research Manager: Whitney Linsenmeyer, PhD, RD, LD.  

Saint Louis University, Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning.  Advancing Inclusion of Transgender and Gender Diverse Identities in Clinical Education.  2021-2022.  Project Leader: Whitney Linsenmeyer, PhD, RD, LD.  Project Members:  Katie Heiden-Rootes, PhD, LMFT, Theresa Drallmeier, MD, Rabia Rahman, PhD, RD, LD, Emily Buxbaum, MS, CCC-SLP. 

Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions, Interprofessional Innovation Grant Program.  Advancing Inclusion of Transgender and Gender Diverse Identities in Clinical Education: The Interprofessional Transgender Health Education Day.  2021-2022.  Research Team: Whitney Linsenmeyer, PhD, RD, LD, Katie Heiden-Rootes, PhD, LMFT, Theresa Drallmeier, MD, Rabia Rahman, PhD, RD, LD, Emily Buxbaum, MS, CCC-SLP.  

Saint Louis University, Applied Health Sciences Research Grant Program.  Transgender Health Collaborative.  2019-2020.  Research Team: Whitney Linsenmeyer, PhD, RD, LD, Katie Heiden-Rootes, PhD, LMFT, Tim Randolph, PhD, MT, Michael Thomure, MD, Chris Lewis, MD.  

BarBend.  The TRANSforming Power of Nutrition and Strength Sports and Nutrition.  Research Team: Whitney Linsenmeyer, PhD, RD, LD, Bari Glassman. 


Nutrition content is free to download, print and share:
Nutrition Guidance for Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals

Advancing Inclusion of Transgender and Gender Diverse Identities in Clinical Education Toolkit (coming summer 2022) 


ASAHP and the University of Cincinnati Announce the Recipients of the Interprofessional Innovation Grant Program 

Saint Louis University to Host Interprofessional Transgender Health Education Day 

BarBend Awards Research Grant to Study Strength Training and Nutrition in Transgender Community