Faculty and Staff


Christine K. Jacobs, M.D. 
Interim Chair and Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Phone: 314-353-5190 Fax: 314-353-7631

William T. Manard, M.D., FAAFP
Vice Chair, Medical Director and Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Medical Director, SLUCare Physician Group
Academic Phone: 314-977-8480 Fax: 314-977-5268
Clinic Phone: 314-977-4700

Kelly M. Everard, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor
Director, Medical Student Education, Family and Community Medicine
Phone: 314-977-8586

Fred Rottnek, M.D., MAHCM 
Director of Community Medicine
Phone: 314-977-8489
Fax: 314-951-5268

Jeffrey F. Scherrer, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor, Research Division
SLU Center for Outcomes Research
Family and Community Medicine
Phone: 314-977-8486


  • Jennifer R. Bello-Kottenstette, M.D.
    Assistant Professor, Family and Community Medicine
  • Matthew Breeden, M.D.
    Assistant Professor
  • Jay Brieler, M.D. 
    Assistant Professor
  • Dawn Davis, M.D., M.P.H. 
    Assistant Professor
  • James Deckert, M.D. 
    Assistant Professor
  • Erin E. Fisk
    Assistant Professor
  • Sara C. Gebauer 
    Assistant Professor
  • Mary Hastings, M.D. 
    Assistant Professor
  • Denise Hooks-Anderson, M.D.
    Assistant Professor
  • Katie Heiden-Rootes, Ph.D. 
    Assistant Professor, Rainbow Research Practicum Group
  • Tonya E. Little, M.D. 
    Assistant Professor
  • Dixie Meyer, Ph.D., NCC, LPC 
    Assistant Professor
  • William Mitchell, M.D.
    Assistant Professor
  • J. Douglas Pettinelli, Ph.D. 
    Associate Professor
  • David Pole, Ph.D., M.P.H. 
    Assistant Professor
  • Craig W. Smith, Ph.D. 
    Professor and Director Medical Family Therapy Program
  • Jane Tucker, M.D.
    Assistant Professor
  • Carissa van den Berk-clark, Ph.D., M.S.W.
    Assistant Professor,
  • Betsy Wan, M.D. 
    Assistant Professor
  • Kimberly Zoberi, M.D.
    Clerkship Director and Assistant Professor
  • Max Zubatsky, Ph.D. 
    Assistant Professor

Emeritus Faculty

  • Ronald Margolis, Ph.D.
    Professor, Family and Community Medicine