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Mission, Vision and Core Values

Learn more about the mission, vision and values of the Saint Louis University School of Education. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Saint Louis University School of Education is to improve our world by inspiring educators as leaders of change, with and for others, through intentional relationships and responsive action. Our learning, teaching, research, service and advocacy is focused on the greater good so that all can flourish.
(SOE Rev. 12-12-2022)

We live our mission through a variety of academic and outreach programs including the Billiken Teacher Corps and the PRiME Center. Students, education practitioners and parents find opportunities and resources in these programs, often while simultaneously opening themselves up to communities that they may not otherwise have experienced. 


Inspired by an unrelenting pursuit of a hope-filled future, we will work with and for others to transform schools and systems to ensure belonging, learning, justice and equity.
(SOE Rev. 12-12-2022)

We put our vision into action through the creation of The Interdisciplinary Center for Autism Services, which provides graduate students, under faculty guidance, valuable clinical experience as they prepare for their future careers while providing high-quality assessments for families in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our newly designed Master of Arts in Education Principles and Practices also exemplifies our vision by serving teachers and leaders working in schools as well as educational advocates who work in out-of-school contexts.

Core Values

Cura Personalis

We affirm that the heart of our work is to care for the whole person: students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community. Individual and communal well-being, as well as a sense of belonging, are critical to the collective work of the School of Education. We are committed to modeling compassion, kindness, grace, trust, inclusiveness, humility and transparency toward each individual.

Rooted in the Jesuit mission, cura personalis extends beyond academics and promotes the development of the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of each person, including one’s self, with the intention of impacting the broader community and contributing to the greater good. 

Trust and Integrity

We believe that all persons can flourish when trust is cultivated. We engage in ongoing communication as a School of Education with humility, openness, and empathy as individuals and in community with one another. We commit to living out our shared values with integrity by being courageous, honest, transparent, and just for the greater good. 

Social Justice

We regard advancing equity-minded transformation as a collective moral imperative. We endeavor to examine our own biases and the ways in which our words and actions impact others and direct our gifts and opportunities to advance racial and socioeconomic equality in our communities and beyond. Acknowledging our history, we strive to humbly engage our community to inclusively and steadfastly pursue greater social justice for all in both action and thought, recognizing and fighting to dismantle the myriad instances of institutional and systemic oppression deliberately embedded in our shared society, for the greater good. 

Growth and Transformation

We prioritize effectual, continuous individual and collective well-being, growth, and improvement in all aspects of our daily lives. We commit to building relationships, learning, service, teaching, research and leadership for the purpose of transforming education, now and in the future, for the greater good. 

Reflective Practice

We commit to the development of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to transform society through education. Through the synergy between scholarship, research and practice, all members of our community engage in reflection to deepen the understanding of our own learning to advance mission-driven action for the greater good.


We live our values through an innovative partnership with the St. Louis Public Schools. This partnership has given us the opportunity to support the data analytic needs of the district, as well as to provide classroom teachers through our Master of Arts in Teaching alternative certification program.