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Mission, Vision and Values

Learn more about the mission, vision and values of the Saint Louis University School of Education. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Education is the preparation of undergraduate and graduate students for professions to serve as reflective practitioners and leaders in partnership with and for the human community.  The School is dedicated to the pursuit of truth and to excellence in all academic pursuits.  It embraces innovative learning through commitment to diversity and social justice guided by the spiritual and intellectual ideas of the Jesuit tradition.  The School advances the University’s mission by research and service to family, school, community, and government.
(SOE Policies and Procedures, 2016)

We live our mission through a variety of academic and outreach programs including the Billiken Teacher Corps and the PRiME Center.  Students, education practitioners, and parents find opportunities and resources in these programs, often while simultaneously opening themselves up to communities that they may not otherwise have experienced. 


Inspired by the Jesuit conviction that the world is good and human beings can make it a better place for all to live and grow, the School of Education educates, guides and transforms individuals and communities through its teaching, research and community engagement.
(SOE Policies and Procedures, 2016)

We put our vision into action through the creation of The Interdisciplinary Center for Autism Services, which  provides graduate students, under faculty guidance, valuable clinical experience as they prepare for their future careers while providing high-quality assessments for families in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our newly designed Master of Arts in Education Principles and Practices also exemplifies our vision by serving teachers and leaders working in schools as well as educational advocates who work in out-of-school contexts.


Social Justice:  We are committed to prepare practitioners who think on systems levels about inequality – who bring critical consciousness to their work each day and actively work for greater justice. We believe that education is a human right. We hold a preferential option for the poor. We work toward building cultural competence in ourselves and our students. Words to consider: embracing diversity, learning to serve and contributing to change

Reflective Scholar-Practitioners:  We honor the whole person in pursuit of the truth. We value the process of learning, recognizing that all practitioners must be scholars in order to be effective educators and leaders. Reflection is a valued tool in our work as scholars, educators and leaders. We hold ourselves and our students to high academic standards. Words and phrases to consider: Life-long learner, critical thinking, responsive to change, growth, pursuit of truth, seeking knowledge, collaborative, innovative, doing our best, sustainable use of resources, environmental consciousness, self-aware, improvement, creativity

Cura Personalis:  We care for each person and appreciate each person’s unique gifts. Students receive individual attention from their advisors and mentors. Students are valued and have a sense of belonging in our positive learning community. Words to consider: Compassion, student centered, inclusion, self-awareness, inclusive, humility, compassion, kindness, sensitive to other’s needs, encouragement

Excellence:  We strive for excellence in education and as global citizens. Striving for excellence is key to growth. Words and phrases to consider: Opportunities to grow, innovation, critical thinking, effort (doing our best), high expectations, commitment, global, rigor, academic rigor

Integrity and Trust:  We have strong moral principles and serve as positive role models. We acknowledge that all persons work best when trust is cultivated, and thus present. We search for truth, provide honest results, earn trust, and develop empathy. Words to consider: Truth, honesty, trust, empathy

Respect:  Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We acknowledge, respect, and embrace diversity. Words to consider: Culture, positive intent, inclusion, open, receptive, openness, humility, conflict resolution, seek to understand multiple perspectives, receptive
(Fall 2017)

We live our values through an innovative partnership with the St. Louis Public Schools.  This partnership has given us the opportunity to support the data analytic needs of the district, as well as to provide classroom teachers through our Master of Arts in Teaching alternative certification program.