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Most law school career services offices throughout the United States and Canada that are members of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) have reciprocity policies allowing students and alumni of one law school to utilize the services of another law school's career services office. Each law school has a different policy regarding the services provided to individuals requesting reciprocity. To seek reciprocity at another law school, contact that school in advance to determine what services are offered and which school best serves your needs.

The process for obtaining reciprocity at another law school is as follows:

  1. Contact the office of the law school that you wish to visit to determine what services that office may provide such as access to job postings, appointments with career counselors, etc. Many schools prohibit use of the career services office at certain times of the year due to the increased use of services by its own students.
  2. Complete SLU's Reciprocity Request Form and ask Lindsey, our career services associate, to request a letter of reciprocity from the law school where you seek services. She will send a letter to that school's career services office requesting reciprocity. If the request is granted, either our office or the school of request will notify you that services are granted and the scope of said services.
  3. You may only request services from one school in a metropolitan area.
  4. Bring a copy of the reciprocity letter from the school granting services with you when you visit its career services office.
  5. Please inform SLU's Career Services Office about the services you received. We enjoy offering positive feedback to our colleagues when helpful services are rendered.

SLU LAW Reciprocity Policy

Saint Louis University School of Law is committed to providing career services to all students and graduates from other law schools who are interested in seeking employment in the St. Louis area. The use of our career library, individualized counseling sessions with our professional staff, and access to job postings are available to any student or graduate who has a letter of reciprocity from their law school or who has a request for reciprocity pending. The office cannot guarantee services from August through early November, however, due to the time constraints of on-campus interviewing and the start of the school year. Students from other schools may not participate in on-campus interviewing, but, time permitting, they may utilize the other services of the office.

For more information regarding reciprocity, please contact a member of the Office of Career Services.