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Joining the Staff of the Saint Louis University Law Journal

Working on the editorial staff of the Saint Louis University Law Journal provides a rewarding experience in helping produce the oldest publication at the law school. 

In addition, work on the Journal offers opportunities to develop the keen eye for detail, writing skills and leadership experiences that employers seek. Each staff member is required to author an article of publishable quality, with the help of an individual faculty advisor to aid in the writing and editing process. The Journal provides students with the best opportunity to have their work published, as multiple student articles, referred to as “Notes and Comments,” are published in every issue.

Journal members receive three credit hours per year – one hour in the fall and two) hours in the spring. Because it produces four issues each year, the Journal has the largest staff of any of the other publications at the School of Law. Further, the Journal receives strong faculty support. The faculty advisor is Ann M. Scarlett, J.D.

Saint Louis University School of Law has consistently sent Journal members to the National Conference of Law Reviews.

The Process to Join the Editorial Staff

Every student who has completed 30 credit hours, including a full year of LAW 7020: Legal Research and Writing, may compete in the annual Write-on Competition. In addition, accelerated part-time students may also participate in the Write-on Competition, with the contingency that they must have completed the required 30 credit hours by the end of the summer semester if selected to work on the Journal.

Write-on Competition

The Write-on Competition is sponsored by the Journal. At the end of the spring semester, generally on the last day of exams after the final 1L exam is finished, the Write-on Competition packet is distributed to interested students. 

The Write-on Competition consists of two elements. First, participants must submit a case note, which is a roughly 10-page analysis of a recent case of intrigue, provided by the Write-on Competition coordinators.

Second, participants complete an editing exercise using The Bluebook citation format for law journals. All work is completed on an individual basis and subject to the honor code. Time allotted for completion of the Write-on Competition varies from year to year.

Upon review of the submissions, the Journal will make offers of staff positions to successful participants. Decisions are generally made in either June or July, depending upon the number of participants and the summer schedules of submission reviewers. The Journal encourages all students who are eligible to take part in the Write-on Competition because it serves as a useful learning and writing experience, regardless of the outcome.