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Student Handbook

Mission Statement

The mission of Saint Louis University School of Law is to advance the understanding and the development of law and prepare students to achieve professional success and personal satisfaction through leadership and service to others. The School of Law is guided by the Jesuit tradition of academic excellence, freedom of inquiry and respect for individual differences.

Diversity Statement

As part of our Jesuit tradition, Saint Louis University  remains faithful to the value of promoting justice and the dignity of all human beings. Likewise, the School of Law advances academic excellence, freedom of inquiry and respect for individual differences. These principles underlie our desire to provide an inclusive environment where differences, whether in religion, age, race, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, veteran status, socioeconomic background or ideology, are heeded, supported and valued in the academic experience. We strive to demonstrate this inclusiveness in all areas of our admissions practices, academic advising, student services and activities, curricular offerings, in the classroom and administrative policies. Our goal is to produce well - rounded and culturally competent professionals who will respectfully serve their diverse communities.

Policy Statement

The SLU LAW Student Handbook is published each August and describes the procedures and rules that will ordinarily govern academic and student life at the School of Law. The most up-to-date version of the Handbook replaces previous versions. Students are obligated to know and follow the procedures and rules contained in the Handbook. The Handbook is reviewed and amended annually and as deemed necessary by University and/or the School of Law administration. The rules and procedures in the Handbook may also be superseded, suspended, or complemented by the Administration as they may deem it necessary and proper. Nothing in this Handbook is intended to create, nor shall anything be understood to create, contractual or legally enforceable rights.

2023-2024 Student Handbook