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The Office of the Registrar provides academic and enrollment services for School of Law students, alumni, faculty and staff.

The office manages all student records, oversees registration, processes grades, verifies enrollment and administers the exam period. Additionally, the registrar counsels students regarding degree requirements, prepare certification forms for state bar exams and coordinate the School of Law commencement activities.

Transcript Requests

Students and alumni can now order official electronic transcripts. Electronic transcripts are usually processed within 24 hours, while paper transcript requests are usually processed within seven to 10 days.  Both electronic and paper transcripts can be requested at the link below.

Order a Transcript

If you prefer to order a paper transcript in-person, you may do so in the School of Law Registrar's Office during regular business hours. There is no fee for an in-person request for a paper transcript.

Enrollment Verification and Letters of Good Standing

Currently enrolled students and alumni can easily verify their attendance and degree from Saint Louis University.

Enrollment Verification

Official verifications of enrollment are available free of charge from the School of Law Registrar, either through or in-person. These Enrollment Certificates may be provided to lenders along with deferment forms.

Verify Your Enrollment Using mySLU

Step 1: Log into MySLU
Step 2: Click on the Student tab.
Step 3: Click “Obtain Enrollment Certificate” on the bottom left under the National Student Clearinghouse heading. 

The National Student Clearinghouse is notified of all students' enrollment statuses on the first day of the semester, as well as on a rolling basis throughout each semester. 

You may request  letters of good standing by contacting the School of Law Registrar. 

Enrollment Status Classification

Fall & Spring Terms Full-Time *Three-Quarters Time Half-Time Less Than Half-Time
J.D. Program 12 - 16 credits 9 - 11 credits 6 - 11 credits 5 credits or less
LL.M. Program 12 - 16 credits N/A N/A N/A

Summer Term Full-Time *Three-Quarters Time Half-Time Less Than Half-Time
J.D. Program 6 - 7 credits 5 credits 3 - 5 credits 2 credits or less
LL.M. Program 6 - 7 credits N/A N/A N/A

*The three-quarter enrollment status is used only for Veterans Affairs benefits.

National Clearinghouse

The Registrar's Office reports enrollment status information for all students enrolled in Law School courses electronically to the National Student Clearinghouse. Consequently, most lenders will be notified of students' enrollment statuses and will update their records accordingly. Students whose lenders do not participate in the clearinghouse, or those who need enrollment verifications for other purposes, such as rental agreements, may obtain them free of charge.

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