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Exam4 Instructions - Day of Exam

Preparing your laptop (Do this BEFORE you receive your exam):

  1. Start up your laptop with the power supply plugged into an outlet.
  2. TURN OFF WINDOWS AUTOMATIC UPDATES (Not required for Macs).
    • Windows 8.1: Start - > Type “Control Panel” - > System and Security -> Windows Update - > Turn automatic updating on or off
    • Windows 10: Automatic Updates are unable to be disabled in Windows 10.

  3. Make sure you are connected to SLU-users wireless network (NOT sluguest). If not, obtain a USB drive from the proctor AFTER you finish your exam.
  4. Open the Exam4 software (Red “E” on desktop) and proceed to the next screen by selecting "Prepare to start new Exam".
    Select “Next >”.
  5. On <screen 2> enter your Exam ID twice (adding “_GS” if you are a graduating senior), and select the professor and course name. Select “Next >”. Check the confirmation box, and click “OK”.
  6. On <screen 3> DO NOT set any optional timers, alerts, or font sizes. Select “Next >”.
  7. After reading the information on <screen 4>, put a check in the “Got It” box. Select “Next >”.
  8. On <screen 5> type in the exam mode listed on your exam envelope, and put a check in the confirmation box. Please make sure you have selected the correct exam mode. Select “Next >”.
  9. Review the information on <screen 6> and select “Begin Exam” if all entries are correct. If any entry is not correct, select “<Back” and correct your mistake(s). Select “Next>”, and a 1-3 minute security scan will run before opening the exam editor (CLOSED Mode only). If there are any errors during the security check, please raise your hand.

Do not begin typing until the proctor announces the beginning of the exam.

Once you have finished typing your exam, follow the directions on the back of this page.

Finishing your exam:

(You will NOT be able to make changes to your exam after this step)

  1. Select the “End Exam” menu option, and click on “End Exam Now”.
  2. Confirm that you are finished and select “OK, end exam”.

Exam Submittal (if connected to the wireless):

  1. Save the exam to the server with the “Submit Electronically” button.
    • If you receive an error during this step, you may have been disconnected during the exam. Notify your proctor that you require a USB drive, and follow the USB submittal instructions below.
  2. You should see a message stating “Your file has been stored on the server”, along with notification of your electronic receipt. Confirm that you understand, click “OK”.
  3. Click “Close”.

Exam Submittal (if disconnected from SLU-users and using a USB drive):

  1. Obtain a USB drive and plug it in. Wait one minute, closing any windows that open related to the USB drive.
  2. From “File and Save Options”, choose “Save to USB Flash Drive”.
    • Mac users: Click “Save As” to your USB drive, without changing the name of the file.
  3. You should see a message stating “write to removable drive successful”.
    Write the following on the paper tag attached to the drive:
    Exam ID (add “_GS” if you are a graduating senior)
    • Date-of-birth
    • Current date
    • Exam Room Number
    • Professor and Course name

To exit Exam4 after saving the exam:

  1. Select the “File and Save Options” menu, and select “Exit”.
  2. Put a check in the confirmation box, and click “Exit Exam4”.
  3. If you used a USB drive, return this drive to the proctor.

Mac users: If using a USB drive, you will need to drag the USB drive icon to the trash bin before removing the USB drive.