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Exam4 Instructions - Day of Exam

Open and set up the Exam4 software:

  1. Turn on your computer with the power supply plugged into an outlet.
  2. Confirm you are connected to SLU-users wireless network (not SLU-guest)
  3. Open the Exam4 software (Red “E” on desktop) and proceed to the next screen by selecting "Prepare to start new Exam". Select “Next >”.
  4. On <screen 2> enter your 4-digit final exam number twice (adding “GS” at the end if you are a graduating student this semester), and select the professor and course name. Select “Next >”. Check the confirmation box, and click “OK”.
  5. On <screen 3> DO NOT set any optional timers, alerts, or font sizes. Select “Next >”.
  6. After reading the information on <screen 4>, put a check in the “Got It” box. Select “Next >”.
  7. On <screen 5> type in the exam mode listed on your exam envelope, and put a check in the confirmation box. Please make sure you have selected the correct exam mode. Select “Next >”.
  8. Review the information on <screen 6> to ensure all entries are correct. If any entry is not correct, select “<Back” and correct your mistake(s). If all entries are correct, select “Begin Exam." A brief security scan will run before opening the exam editor (CLOSED Mode only). If there are any errors during the security check, please alert the proctor.

Do not begin typing until the proctor announces the beginning of the exam.

Once the proctor has started the exam, you may turn past the first page and begin the exam. Type your exam answers in the Exam4 software. If your exam has multiple-choice questions, you answer them in the Exam4 software by toggling between the essay window and the multiple-choice window. 

Finish and Submit your Exam (You will NOT be able to make changes to your exam after this step)

  1. Select the “End Exam” menu option, and click “End Exam Now”.
  2. Check the confirmation box. Click “OK, End exam”.
  3. In the pop-up window, select "Submit Electronically." If your exam has submitted successfully, you will see an Exam Submittal Receipt with a green box at the top stating "Exam Submittal Successful." Check the confirmation box and click "OK."
  4. Select "Exit Exam4," and click "Exit Exam4 Now." 
  5. Check the "I'm sure" box (if you are) and click "Exit Exam4."

If your laptop encounters a problem during the exam, notify the proctor immediately. All proctors have been trained to address commonly occurring Exam4 issues. You will have two options:

  1. Restart your laptop and continue your existing exam. A proctor or administrator should be present when you restart your laptop.
  2. Handwrite the remainder of your exam in a bluebook, picking up where you left off on the laptop. The Exam4 software saves your exam every 10 seconds, so you should assume the professor will receive a printout of everything entered into the laptop prior to the laptop failure.