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Exam4 FAQs

Will the software run on my computer?

Exam4 has the following system requirements:

  • Windows 10/11 or Mac OS X 11.7 - 14
  • Minimum 800x600 screen resolution
  • View the Exam4 Demo 

How do I install and test the software?
The software is available via download for a limited time each semester. This information will be provided to students when the exam time nears. For detailed instructions, please follow the Exam4 Download and Practice Exam Instructions.

How do I tell how many pages/words I have typed?
The Exam4 software does not automatically separate your document into pages the way most fully-featured word processing programs do, such as Microsoft Word. It can, however, give you an estimated page count of the entire document. To activate this feature:

  • Click on the Tools menu at the top of the program.
  • Select Show Document Statistics.

You will see a box to the right of the main text editor that shows the page and word count of your current document.

  • Est. Pages: This is an estimate of the pages typed for the entire document.
  • Words: This is an estimate of the words typed for the current answer. There is a numbered selector (1-6) for easily viewing the number of words for each section. You may also navigate to each answer section by clicking on the corresponding number.

How do I start a new answer section?
Place the cursor in the section of your document where you would like the new answer to begin.

  • Click on the Tools menu at the top of the program.
  • Select Insert Answer Separation.

What if the professor has a page/page numbering requirement?
In the Exam4 program, 1 page is approximately 500 words. You can use the Document Statistics feature (see above) to keep track of this. The Exam4 program does not automatically insert page breaks.

If the professor has asked that your pages be numbered, this is automatically done when the exams are printed.

How do I change my screen resolution?

  • First of all, you will have to Exit the Exam4 software if it is running.
  • From the desktop, right-click somewhere on your desktop (not on an icon).
  • From the context menu, select Properties.
  • Select the Settings tab on the far right.
  • In the Screen Resolution section on the bottom left, drag the slider to the left. Click OK when finished.
  • Depending on the physical dimensions of your screen, you may want to experiment with several resolution settings.
  • Common resolutions that work well for the Exam4 software are 800x600 and 1024x768.

How do I change the line spacing?
The Exam4 software does not have a function to change the line spacing. All exams will be printed double-space, so if you type your exam with no additional spacing, it will be printed in double-space.

Is there spellchecking?
The Exam4 spellcheck feature is enabled.

Why doesn't the "Delete" key work?
There is a limitation of the software that disables the "Delete" key when typing; however if you select text with the mouse or by using the Shift key, you can then delete the selected text by pressing Delete or Backspace.

What does "File Size Warning" mean?
There is a limit to how large one exam can be. This limit is approximately 17 pages. If you are approaching the limit, you will see a color-coded progress bar on the right side of the text editor. This progress bar reflects how close you are to reaching the limit. For more information on this, click on the Help menu from within the Exam4 software.