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Exam4 Instructions - Download and Practice Exam

Practice Exam Instructions (PC/Mac)

The following procedure will install the Exam4 software on your computer, and verify that it works.

Software Installation Steps:
This software will run on Windows 10/11 and Mac OS X 11.7-14 (Sonoma).

  • If you have used Exam4 on your computer before, DELETE ALL OLD DESKTOP ICONS/ Uninstall (Windows) previous versions of the Exam4 software.
    Go to from a web browser. (e.g. Chrome, Firefox)
  • Select "Law schools" from the left pane.
  • Scroll down the page and under Missouri, click on "Saint Louis University School of Law".
  • Enter your information as instructed.
  • Choose your operating system from the list. (Win10/11, Mac11.7-14)
  • Click on “Submit Form”.
  • Place a check in the confirmation box after reading the instructions, and click on the link at the bottom of the page, which will look like the line below:
    Exam4 for [your Operating System] > click here to download
  • Once the file has downloaded, double-click on it to install the software.
  • Installation of the software is now successful. Be sure to submit a Practice Exam well in advance of your first scheduled exam. 

Practice Exam & Submittal Steps:
You must be connected to the SLU-users wireless network. SLU-guest or outside networks will not work.

  • Extegrity recommends that you CLOSE the software now, and re-launch using the red e icon on your desktop.
  • Click OK through the Welcome screen.
  • Select the button for Prepare to start a new exam, and click Next >.
  • Enter your 4-digit final exam number into the Exam ID fields. These numbers must match.
  • For the Course fields, select “… Practice exam”, and click Next >.
  • Check the confirmation box, and click OK.
  • The next page should be left as is. Do not set any optional timers, alerts or font sizes. Click Next >.
  • Read the following page closely, then check the Got it? box when you are ready, and click Next >.
  • Under Type selected Exam Mode here: type in “CLOSED” (No quotes).
  • Place a check in the check box, and click Next >.

You will soon be running the Exam4 software, which does NOT allow other windows to be open. You will need to print these directions BEFORE PROCEEDING in order to continue following them after this step.

  • Click Begin Exam.
  • If your computer passes the security check, the exam software is working.

If it does NOT pass the security check, you may be unable to take exams on your laptop. Please contact Extegrity technical support directly through their website for assistance.  

There is not an actual exam to take during the practice exam, but you can explore the features of Exam4 by typing some text and viewing the various menus at the top of the word processing screen, including the Multiple Choice window.

  • When finished, select End Exam > End Exam Now, check the confirmation box, and click OK, End Exam.
  • In the pop-up window, select the "Submit Electronically" button.  A message should pop up saying "Your file has been stored on the server". If you receive an error, verify that your laptop is connected to the SLU-users network and functioning.
  • Select File and Save Options > Exit.
  • Check the “I'm sure” box (if you are), and click Exit Exam4.
  • You can rerun the Exam4 software anytime using the red E icon on your desktop.