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Degree Programs

Saint Louis University School of Law's programs are designed to prepare students for all aspects of law practice. From the moment students arrive, they are considered members of the legal community and are challenged to meet the expectations that membership entails.

Juris Doctor Program

The J.D. program at SLU LAW offers extensive courses and personalized interaction with nationally recognized professors. Students are directly exposed to practicing attorneys and clients through professional skills courses, legal clinics and externship programs. Guest speakers with diverse legal backgrounds and career experiences — ranging from federal and state judges to partners, associates and corporate executives — provide students with a real-world approach to learning. By the time students enter the workforce, they will have experienced a variety of opportunities throughout their academic careers.

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Two-Year J.D. for Foreign Lawyers

The Two-Year J.D. for Foreign Lawyers at SLU LAW is a 61-credit-hour, full-time program for lawyers who have completed their first law degree in a foreign jurisdiction and would like to enhance their ability to engage in global law practice by earning a U.S. law degree. The program is designed to be completed in four semesters and allows graduates to sit for the bar in any U.S. state.

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Dual-Degree Programs

SLU LAW offers dual-degree programs in partnership with several schools within the University. Dual-degree programs are designed to allow students to obtain two degrees in significantly less time (4-5 years, depending upon the degree) than if the degrees were obtained separately.

The dual-degree student must meet the admissions criteria for both the School of Law and the school from which the doctoral or master's degree is sought. Application for both should be made either at the same time or during the student's first year of enrollment in the School of Law. Dual-degree students must complete at least 82 hours in the School of Law.

LL.M. Programs

For those already possessing a law degree, SLU LAW offers two Masters of Laws (LL.M.) programs. The Center for Health Law Studies offers the LL.M. in Health Law. For those holding a degree of law from a foreign country, the LL.M. in American Law for Foreign Lawyers pro­gram offers opportunities to study the American legal system.

Other Programs

Graduate Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

Students can earn a Graduate Minor in Women's and Gender Studies from the Women's and Gender Studies Program within the regular time to earn a J.D. Students can complete this minor by taking the following courses in the Women's and Gender Studies program: 1) Feminist Theory (3 hours) and 2) Feminist Epistemologies (3 hours), and a law school course approved by the Women's and Gender Studies Program. The six hours of courses in Women's and Gender Studies can apply to the 91 hours required to earn the J.D. Students interested in this minor program should contact Professor Constance Wagner in the School of Law. Further information is available on the Women's and Gender Studies website.