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Visiting Students

This page will address basic financial aid questions for SLU LAW students who wish to visit another law school and for other law students who wish to visit SLU LAW.

Find financial information for international students here

SLU LAW Students

Fall/Spring Enrollment

SLU LAW students must have permission from the dean of students to visit at another law school during the academic year and obtain approval for the classes that will be taken.

Once approved, you will need to complete the Financial Aid Consortium Request Form. This form lists the University's consortium policy along with information on the host institution. You must submit this form to the Office of Student Financial Services if you wish to receive financial aid during the semester you are visiting at another school. Once submitted, it will be sent to the host institution. This form must be completed every semester that a student is visiting at another institution.

Saint Louis University's Financial Aid Consortium Policy

Saint Louis University may enter into Financial Aid Consortium Agreements with other institutions which provide sound and unique educational experiences which are not available at Saint Louis University. These agreements allow Saint Louis University to process certain types of financial aid for a student's use for no more than one year at the other institution. The deans of individual colleges must evaluate and may approve, on a case-by-case basis, the academic merit of the study-away experience/course work and its transferability to the student's University degree program. Such Financial Aid Consortium Agreements will allow students, contingent on aid program regulations, to utilize only the federal Stafford loan, federal Graduate PLUS loan and any state or private (non-University) student aid programs in meeting the costs of attendance at the consortium institution.

Students are not eligible for any Saint Louis University or School of Law funds during the semester(s) they are visiting at another institution. Students must complete their FAFSA and other loan applications with Saint Louis University. As Saint Louis University is the home institution, all aid will be processed through SLU. Funds are disbursed to Saint Louis University based on the start dates of the School of Law — there are no exceptions to this rule. Once funds are disbursed to SLU, they will be refunded to the student who is responsible for paying their host institution. Students are responsible for being in contact with both institutions to ensure that all files are complete for proper disbursement of loan funds along with full payment to the host institution.

Non-SLU LAW Students

Non-SLU LAW students (including the SLU LAW study abroad program in Madrid) who wish to visit at Saint Louis University School of Law and wish to receive financial aid from their home institution will need to complete a financial aid consortium form with their home institution. The financial aid office at your home institution can forward the consortium form to the Office of Student Financial Services at this address:

Saint Louis University School of Law
c/o Office of Student Financial Services
100 N. Tucker Blvd., Suite 1008
St. Louis, MO 63101-1930

Students are responsible for maintaining contact with both university financial aid offices to ensure that funds are disbursed and refunded in a timely manner. Visiting students are responsible for making payment arrangements for their Saint Louis University balance by the appropriate payment dates. If disbursement of loan funds from the home institution is delayed, visiting students should obtain documentation as to the date of disbursement and the issuance of refund checks from their home institution. The visiting student should then meet with the Office of Student Financial Services in the School of Law with this information to assist in making payment arrangements.