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Pius XII Memorial Library Research Librarians

Research Librarians offer specialized expertise for all programs at Saint Louis University. Find your SLU librarian and their contact information on the list below.

Librarians by Subject

Arts and Sciences

Subject Librarian Phone Email
African-American Studies Sarah Reando    314-977-3098
American Studies Martha Allen 314-977-3591
Aquinas Sarah Reando 314-977-3098
Archives  Caitlin Stamm 314-977-5493
Art History Sarah Reando    314-977-3098
Biology Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Chemistry Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Communication Sarah Reando 314-977-3098
Computer Science Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Digital Services Drew Kupsky 314-977-4107
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Megan Toups 314-977-3590
English Martha Allen    314-977-3596
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Lori Kupsky 314-977-3592
Film Studies Sarah Reando    314-977-3098
Fine and Performing Arts Sarah Reando 314-977-3098
Forensic Science Megan Toups  314-977-3590
Health Care Ethics  Megan Toups 314-977-3590
History Martha Allen    314-977-3596
Honors Lori Kupsky 314-977-3592
International Studies Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Megan Toups  314-977-3590
Mathematics and Statistics Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Lea Frost 314-977-3090
Philosophy Sarah Reando 314-977-3098
Physics Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Political Science Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Pre-Health Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Pre-Law Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Psychology Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Rare Books Katie Mascari 314-977-4590
Sociology and Anthropology Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Theological Studies Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Women's and Gender Studies Sarah Reando   314-977-3098

Business Administration

Subject Librarian Phone Email
Accounting Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Economics Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Finance Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
International Business Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Management Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Marketing Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Operations and IT Management Judy Geczi 314-977-3595

School for Professional Studies

Subject Librarian Phone Email
  Lori Kupsky 314-977-3592

School of Social Work

Subject Librarian Phone Email
Applied Behavior Analysis Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Criminology and Criminal Justice Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Social Work Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Urban Planning and Development Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106

School of Education

Subject Librarian Phone Email
 Education Lori Kupsky 314-977-3592

School of Science and Engineering

Subject Librarian Phone Email
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Aviation Science Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Biomedical Engineering Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Civil Engineering Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Electrical and Computer Engineering Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Engineering Technology Megan Toups 314-977-3590

Government Information

Subject Librarian Phone Email
  Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106