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Pius XII Memorial Library Research Librarians

Research Librarians offer specialized expertise for all programs at Saint Louis University. The following is a list and their contact information to help you find your librarian.

Librarians by Subject

Arts and Sciences

Subject Librarian Phone Email
African-American Studies Interim - Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
American Studies Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
Archives and Digital Services Caitlin Stamm 314-977-5493
Art History Interim - Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
Biology Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Chemistry Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Communication Interim - Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Computer Science Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Megan Toups 314-977-3590
English Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Lori Kupsky 314-977-3592
Film Studies Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
Forensic Science Jill Bright 314-977-3593
History Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
Honors Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
International Studies Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Ron Crown 314-977-3083
Mathematics and Statistics Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Gregory A. Pass 314-977-3096
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Debra Cashion 314-977-3084
Music Interim - Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
Philosophy Ron Crown 314-977-3083
Physics Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Political Science Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Pre-Health Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Pre-Law Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Psychology Jill Bright 314-977-3593
Rare Books Jennifer Lowe 314-977-5070
Russian and East European Studies Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
Studio Art Interim - Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
Sociology and Anthropology Jill Bright 314-977-3593
Theatre Arts Interim - Jamie Emery 314-977-3591
Theological Studies Ron Crown 314-977-3083
Women's and Gender Studies Jill Bright 314-977-3593

Business Administration

Subject Librarian Phone Email
Accounting Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Economics Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Finance Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
International Business Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Management Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Marketing Judy Geczi 314-977-3595
Operations and IT Management Judy Geczi 314-977-3595

School of Social Work

Subject Librarian Phone Email
Applied Behavior Analysis Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Criminology & Criminal Justice Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Social Work Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106
Urban Planning and Development Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106

School of Education

Subject Librarian Phone Email
 Education Interim - Lori Kupsky 314-977-3592

Digital Humanities

Subject Librarian Phone Email
  Debra Cashion 314-977-5517

Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology

Subject Librarian Phone Email
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Aviation Science Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Biomedical Engineering Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Civil Engineering Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Electrical and Computer Engineering Megan Toups 314-977-3590
Engineering Technology Megan Toups 314-977-3590

Professional Studies

Subject Librarian Phone Email
  Lori Kupsky 314-977-3592

Government Information

Subject Librarian Phone Email
  Rebecca Hyde 314-977-3106

School of Medicine

Subject Librarian Phone Email
Medical Family Therapy Miriam Joseph 314-977-3584

Doisy College of Health Sciences

Subject Librarian Phone Email
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Miriam Joseph 314-977-3584