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Appropriate Use Policy for Electronic Resources (University)


This applies to all users and uses of electronic resources licensed or made available by similar agreements by the Saint Louis University Libraries (licenses or similar agreements hereafter referred to as "Licenses"). Resource types may include but are not limited to electronic databases, journals, books, and data sets (hereafter referred to as "Resources").


These Resources are provided in support of the University's Academic Mission. This policy constrains the use of the Resources so that the university is in compliance with the Licenses and so that the Resources can be available to the university community.

  • Access to Resources is governed by Licenses that provide for reasonable use.
    The use of these electronic resources also may be governed by the provisions specified in the Saint Louis University Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy and other applicable policies.
  • The University Libraries determine the permitted users and access points according to the Licenses. Some Licenses limit access to specific university library buildings or particular user groups within the university community. Use is not permitted beyond that which is determined by the libraries.
  • Use of Resources is limited to personal, noncommercial purposes, such as research and study. Prohibited uses include, but are not limited to:
    • Systematic downloading using robots, scripts, or other software programs
    • Archiving substantial portions of databases, entire journal issues, and other excessive use Commercial use and resale of Resources
    • Redistribution of materials beyond what is allowed by copyright and the License
    • Use that causes the University Libraries to be in violation of a License.
  • Alleged violations will be pursued according to the affiliation of each individual involved. In case of resources licensed by Pius XII Memorial Library or the Medical Center Library, the Assistant Provost for University Libraries or his/her designee may exercise a temporary suspension of access to Resources whenever in his/her sole judgment such action is necessary to comply with Licenses; university or library policy; or any Federal, State, or Local law, ordinance, rule, or order. In case of resources licensed by the Law Library, review for possible suspension of access will be made by the Director of the Law Library or his/her designee.