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International Studies, B.A. (Madrid)

Saint Louis University’s international studies program offers students a cross-disciplinary approach to historical, political and socioeconomic issues in our global society. Addressing topics of contemporary culture and society, the program is designed for students keen to grapple with the complex interrelationships of the 21st century international affairs and seeking to bring an international dimension to their studies.

International Studies at SLU-Madrid

Major in International Studies

Key competencies developed through the international studies program are proficiency in a foreign language, facility with key disciplinary approaches, knowledge of a world region and exposure to a thematic area central to the contemporary world. International studies students also have the opportunity to integrate practical work experience and field research into the major.

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the international studies major allows students considerable choice among a wide variety of courses that fulfill degree requirements. Courses that fulfill the regional and thematic foci can be located by their Banner attributes (ISTD).

International studies majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad. The program director will work closely with them to locate courses in study abroad programs that fulfill international studies requirements.

Highlighted Courses

The international studies major requires the completion of 36-credit hours, consisting of four required core classes, a three-class regional focus, a three-class thematic focus, an internship or elective class and a capstone seminar. No class can fulfill more than one requirement in the major.

12 credits of core classes:

  • SPAN 3030 Advanced Written Communication or SPAN 3040 Advanced Oral Communication (Fluency in a language other than English can substitute for this requirement, as demonstrated via standard language proficiency protocols of the College of Arts and Sciences).
  • POLS 1600 Introduction to International Politics
  • ANTH 2200 Cultural Anthropology
  • 3 credits of international economics: one of POLS 1510, POLS 2600, ECON 3850, ECON 4300, ECON 4310, ECON 4560

Nine credits of regional focus classes:

  • Three classes covering a single region of the world (Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Middle East), which ideally would match the student’s language focus 

Nine credits (three classes) pertaining to a single theme:

  • Arts and Culture in an Age of Globalization
  • Global Economy and Economic Development
  • Global Health and the Environment
  • War and Peace in the Contemporary World 

Three credits of internship, field research, or an elective class:

  • ISTD 4910 Internship in International Studies
  • ISTD 4911 Field Research
  • Any class with an ISTD attribute 

Three credits of capstone seminar:

  • A rotating selection of seminars designated ISTD 4000-4099.

The capstone seminar takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of an international phenomenon or area. Students complete unique research projects.

Internships and Careers

International studies students also have the opportunity to fulfill requirements with an internship or field work.

Career opportunities for international studies students vary widely according to the each student’s areas of interest.


Daniel Blanch, Ph.D., program director

The faculty includes internationally recognized scholars from SLU’s College of Arts and Sciences and other academic units.

Tuition and Fees

SLU-Madrid is committed to providing quality Jesuit education at an affordable price. Tuition rates at the Madrid Campus are approximately 40 percent lower than comparable private universities in the U.S.

If you have questions or would like to speak with a financial aid officer, email us at

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees
Scholarships and Financial Aid


To be admitted to SLU-Madrid’s program in international studies, you are required to have at least a 2.0 cumulative average and complete a declaration of major form, available in the Office of the Registrar.

Students must also maintain a 2.0 GPA in the major to continue, and must have at least a 2.0 in major courses at the time of graduation.

Campus Organizations

Join Sigma Iota Rho

SLU’s chapter of Sigma Iota Rho, an honor society for international studies, provides students with programs such as faculty research presentations and social service events, as well as other fun, internationally oriented activities.