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Multi Sanitas Health Insurance

SLU-Madrid provides all students enrolled in at least one credit (on campus) with Multi Sanitas Insurance during the term of registration. However students taking a course load of only on-line classes will not be covered by Sanitas. However, if they are physically in Spain, they do have the option to purchase Sanitas coverage through the University at 40 euros per calendar month. To do so, students may contact the Office of Finance at  

Coverage dates are as follows:

  • Fall semester: Aug. 29 through Dec. 31
  • Spring semester: Jan. 1 through May 31
  • Summer session I: May 1 through June 30
  • Summer session II: June 1 through July 31

Students in internships should consult the insurance guidelines specific to their situation. Coverage is extended to all cities and towns where Sanitas has duly authorized centers or participating physicians. When services included in the contract are not available in a given area, you are entitled to receive them in another area upon authorization from Sanitas.

The Sanitas Multi policy covers the services of all participating specialists. Upon receipt of any service, persons insured must present their Sanitas card. Please note that they may also be asked to provide another form of identification, such as a passport.

In general, prior authorization is required from Sanitas for surgery, hospitalization, referral of physician services and certain types of therapy and laboratory tests. In the event of an emergency, patients must notify Sanitas within 72 hours of their admission to a hospital.

Sanitas provides home care in case of emergencies for patients that cannot be moved and for patients who require special care but not hospitalization.

Services Multi Sanitas Coverage
Medical fee for participating physicians and specialists* 100 percent coverage with the exception of cases when the patient is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Hospitalization and surgery 100 percent coverage within Spain with Sanitas-participating doctors, hospitals and clinics.
Dental Not covered, although a dental supplement can be added. For more information, contact
Medication Not covered. Prices for medication are significantly lower in Spain than in the U.S.
Repatriation (in case of death)

100 percent coverage to international airport in country of origin.

100 percent coverage from international airport to home city within European Community (EEC).

Reimbursement of up to $1,000 from international airport to home city (greater than 30 km) in non-EEC countries.

Counseling services

Covered if prescribed by a Sanitas-participating doctor, up to four sessions a month (limit of 15 sessions a year) with a Sanitas-participating psychiatrist. Note that we cannot guarantee availability of an English-speaking psychiatrist or psychologist.

Sanitas does not reimburse for Sinews services or any mental health services with providers outside of the Sanitas network.  Most English-speaking mental health providers in Spain work in the private health care sector on a fee-for-service basis.

For this reason, SLU-Madrid strongly recommends that students with pre-existing mental health conditions and/or students who anticipate the need for regular mental health services plan for extra health care expenses prior to their arrival in Madrid. It is recommended that students purchase additional insurance in their home countries (example: GeoBlue, HTH health insurance, CISI) that will cover or reimburse them for private, out-of-network mental health services. Students should budget accordingly for these services (approximately 70-80 euros for a psychotherapy session, 100-120 euros for a session with a psychiatrist) to ensure they have access to regular mental health care while they are in Madrid.

For more information, visit the Sanitas website at or contact SLU's Finance Office at