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Frequently Asked Questions

Students talking in the center of the city.

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about student life and on-campus activities at SLU-Madrid.

What if I forget or lose my passport?

Students are responsible for having the appropriate travel documents while abroad. If you forget or lose your passport, contact your embassy in the country you are visiting, or here in Madrid.

United States citizens should note that a U.S. driver's license is not an appropriate form of ID for air travel outside the U.S.

It's important to keep a photo of your passport (the main page and your visa page) on your phone and a copy of it at wherever home is for you in Madrid. It's helpful to have those copies to bring to the embassy, in the event you need an emergency passport. You can read more about how to obtain a new U.S. passport from the Madrid embassy here.

What do I do if my wallet is stolen?

In addition to keeping a copy and photos of your passport, you should also keep photos of your credit cards and any other important things you might keep in your wallet.

If the originals are stolen, call your bank and credit card companies right away to cancel or freeze the accounts.

Be sure to file a police report (denuncia). You may do this in English by calling 902 102 112 between 8 a.m. and midnight. When asked to provide an address of where you will pick up the police report, give them the address to the Chamberí police station, Calle Rafael Calvo, 33.

Is there a lost and found on campus?

Yes. Ask first at the reception of the building where you lost your item. If it is not there, go to the Office of Student Life in Padre Rubio Hall. We only keep smaller items, like water bottles and thumb drives, for about two weeks.

Can I make a doctor's appointment myself?

Yes, Rubén Borrás, M.D., is an English-speaking general practitioner who accepts Sanitas insurance and collaborates with SLU-Madrid. Contact him at 666 847 988 or at

If you're looking for a specialist and language is a challenge, the U.S. Embassy has a catalog of English-speaking doctors. It's just really important that you make sure before you make an appointment that the doctor accepts your Sanitas health insurance, or GeoBlue, if you have that. (Sanitas is provided to you by SLU-Madrid.)

You can also visit the Sanitas website for information about in-network doctors. Our Medical Emergencies page has more in-depth information related to medical care while you're here. 

Where can I find information on starting or joining a club?

To start a club, contact the Office of Student Life at

Where can I store my belongings during longer breaks?

There are storage companies here similar to what you might find in your home country. We know that some students might also leave their things with friends who are staying in Madrid over longer breaks. There is no official University partner for storage, but we're happy to workshop solutions with you if you need help. Just email us at