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Hands-on Programs

Update on 04/12/21: We are no longer accepting any new registrations for the remainder of this school year as all slots are full. We hope to resume normal on-site operations in the fall of 2021 but we are required to comply with all COVID-19 regulations set by the state, city and the university, as well any requirements schools would have for their students to travel. For more information on hands-on programs please fill out the registration form below, or email Ray Vollmer at

PROGRAM ALERT: Programs for the 2020-21 school year AIMS are no longer available. We will update this website for availability in the 21-22 school year for  Distance Learning programs (Virtual Field Trips) in human anatomy and medicine open to schools across the U.S. and Canada. These virtual programs will offer full cadaver demonstrations, guided dissections and presentations on individual organs and systems. Each presentation will utilize the unique human specimens and feature emphasis on anatomy, pathology, wellness, and disease/injury prevention. Please see our Distance Learning page for more information. 

Saint Louis University’s Adventures in Science and Medicine (AIMS) Program offers students an opportunity to participate in an interactive human cadaver demonstration at the University’s practical anatomy facility.

Hands-On Workshop
 Students participate in an AIMS cadaver demonstration at Saint Louis University.

Programs Offered: 

  • Cadaver Demonstrations: The demonstration exposes students to the physiological and anatomic relationships of the major organ systems of the human body and describes how those systems can be affected by disease. Cadaver Demonstrations are open to high school sophomores and above. Students have a chance to put on gloves and explore the anatomy with the guidance of our medical student presenters.
  • Pig Heart, Sheep Brain or Pig Eye Dissections: Guided student dissections  are perfect for schools that are not equipped to perform such demonstrations within their own facilities. These dissections are suited for students in sixth grade and above.

All hands-on programs last an hour, contact AIMS to inquire about available dates. 


  • $16 per student for cadaver demonstrations, pig heart and sheep brain dissections
  • $12 per student for pig eye dissection
  • $27 per student if doing two hands-on programs on the same day ($5 discount per student)

A large dining hall with tables and chairs is available on the third floor where students can eat lunch if needed. There is no food or drink for purchase on-site, but there are several fast food restaurants within a block from our lab. 

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