Hands-on Programs

Saint Louis University’s Adventures in Science and Medicine (AIMS) Program offers students an opportunity to participate in an interactive human cadaver demonstration at the University’s practical anatomy facility.

Hands-On Workshop
 Students participate in an AIMS cadaver demonstration at Saint Louis University.

The demonstration exposes students to the physiological and anatomic relationships of the major organ systems of the human body and describes how those systems can be affected by disease. It lasts one hour and is open to high school juniors and above.

A cadaver demonstration offers a hands-on experience in the anatomy of the human body, coupled with an in-depth discussion surrounding its structure and function.

The body consists of numerous interrelated organ systems. The function and interaction of these systems are closely regulated. In basic terms, disease results in system deregulation. Disease in one organ system will inevitably negatively impact other organ systems.

Demonstrations are given by medical students and health care professionals. Presenters describe the structures and functions of the human anatomy using pre-dissected cadavers and anatomical specimens. There is a focus on pathologies with an emphasis on preventive measures to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Students have a chance to put on gloves and explore the anatomy with the guidance of the presenters. Presenters have a wealth of information in anatomy and medicine and questions are welcome.

Note that forensic medicine and sports medicine cadaver demonstrations are only available as distance learning programs.

Animal Demonstrations

AIMS also offers guided student dissections of pig hearts, sheep brains and pig eyes. These programs are perfect for schools that are not equipped to perform such demonstrations within their own facilities. Animal dissections are suited for students in sixth grade and above.

Students learn about the correlating human structures during their dissection of the animal specimens. AIMS provides a dissection instructor who guides and teaches students throughout the program. The program lasts an hour and available dates are noted on the registration page.

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  • $16 per student
  • $27 per student if doing two hands-on programs on the same day ($5 discount per student)

A large dining hall is available on the third floor where students can eat lunch if needed.