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AIMS Summer Workshops

Adventures in Medicine and Science summer workshops at Saint Louis University provide an in-depth look into various fields of medical science and are attended by students from across the country.

Summer Workshops

Check out our AIMS page on Facebook to see pictures from previous workshops.

Available Workshops

Medical and Surgical Procedures Workshop 

October 28,  2021 Update:  

The AIMS Medical and Surgical Procedures Workshop is currently on-hold for the summer of 2022.  There are no scheduled dates at this time.  


As planning for this event may change,  please continue to check the AIMS website for updates. 



Parent Testimonials

"AIMS wasn't just a ‘camp,’ it's a building block for the kids' future! Thank you for doing this and for all your assistance."

Shawn K.

"We have so appreciated the experiences AIMS has provided. Everyone and everything about AIMS has been just terrific in all aspects of the experience."

William S.

Student Testimonials

"It was a great experience! I believe all high school students should take this workshop even if they are not going to medical school. This workshop teaches medical procedures, anatomy, and information that everyone should learn."

"I liked how we were still able to see demonstrations and procedures on the body despite being online. These were all very cool and gave the best look into how surgery would work professionally. I also really like the small group talks with the med students."

"I loved getting to interact with doctors! Asking questions really helped me understand what I need to do in the upcoming years to help me."