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Health Resource Center Mission

The mission of the Health Resource Center is to improve the health and wellbeing of underserved members of the St. Louis community through the provision of quality health care, counseling, education, support, and advocacy.

Core Values

In support of its mission, the Health Resource Center at Saint Louis University holds the following core values:

  1. Volunteer-based community service
    The Health Resource Center will always be a service-centered and volunteer-based operation focused on providing quality health care that promotes the well-being of underserved individuals in the St. Louis community
  2. Integration with other community partners and health networks
    The Health Resource Center strives to connect underserved patients to a primary care home and link patients with reliable health insurance by building strong partnerships with fellow community health partners through the sharing of power and acceptance of valuable contribution from patients.
  3. Interprofessional education and applied learning
    The Health Resource Center serves as an educational outlet for professional students to apply clinically relevant skills and learn how to work as members of a patient-centered interprofessional team.
  4. Administrative leadership experience for student leads
    The Health Resource Center is entirely student-run allowing the opportunity for professional students to gain administrative leadership experience in health care and affect the positive advancement of the clinic.