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The Aging and Memory Clinic

The Aging and Memory Clinic is a service provided by the Medical Family Therapy Program at Saint Louis University.

Students and Faculty standing in front of Memory Clinic sign


The Memory Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic that offers family-centered services to patients and families who have dementia and older adult issues. We take a holistic and biopsychosocial approach to aging, where we see the health and well-being of older adults as being connected to many areas of their lives. Our care also extends to all areas and regions of St. Louis and surrounding areas, helping provide services to individuals and families who otherwise cannot afford care.


  • Max Zubatsky, Ph.D. - Director
  • Marla Berg-Weger, Ph.D. - Faculty
  • Mayra Massey - Clinic Coordinator and Facilitator
  • Anna Brende- Facilitator
  • Sean Reilly - Facilitator
  • Matthew Amick - Facilitator
  • Daniela Bulzarik - Facilitator Trainee
  • Hunter Boling - Facilitator Trainee


Clinical Services

  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy: Cognitive Stimulation Therapy is an evidence-based intervention to help improve cognition for individuals with mild to moderate dementia. The group meets twice per week for 14 weeks. The goal is for participants to help engage with one another in a group setting while reminiscing about different memories to help improve cognition and mood.
  • Circle of Friends: Circle of Friends is a group intervention that originated in Finland to connect older adults who are lonely and socially isolated. SLU has adapted these groups to on telehealth, where older adults can help connect around common interests and topics to reduce isolation. The intervention covers three main topics: exercise and strength, common hobbies, and therapeutic writing.
  • Caregiver Process Groups: The clinic offers caregiver process groups for spouses or children caring for a loved one with dementia. These groups are not psychotherapy, but are targeted to help participants process topics, ideas and concerns surrounding caregiving. Each group is $5 per session. Times may vary on when the groups will meet during the week.
  • Consultations for the SLU Geriatric Assessment Clinic: The Aging and Memory Clinic also provides consultations to determine eligibility for appointments at the SLU Geriatric Assessment Clinic. The assessment clinic is a comprehensive clinic that is free to families, where professionals assess different areas of one’s health. Our clinic helps consult with the family to determine eligibility for an appointment at the Assessment Clinic. To schedule a consultation, please call 314-977-9759 or email at


Grant Funding: The Memory Clinic has several services that are tied to research and grants. We provide services and collect data on the following grants over the past year:

  • HRSA Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program Grant
  • HRSA Primary Care Enhancement and Training Grant
  • Lutheran Foundation Grant
  • St. Louis Community Foundation Grant (COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant)
  • Regional Health Commission COVID Response Grant for Loneliness and Social Isolation

Publications and Presentations 

Faculty and students publish articles from both data from clinical services and other areas of research.

Selected Publications

Zubatsky, M., Berg‐Weger, M., & Morley, J. (2020). Using Telehealth Groups to Combat Loneliness in Older Adults through COVID‐19. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Berg-Weger, M., & Morley, J. E. (2020). Loneliness and social isolation in older adults during the Covid-19 pandemic: Implications for gerontological social work.

Stewart, D. B., Berg-Weger, M., Tebb, S., Sakamoto, M., Roselle, K., Downing, L., ... & Hayden, D. (2017). Making a difference: A study of cognitive stimulation therapy for persons with dementia. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 60(4), 300-312.

Zubatsky, M., Aragon-Prada, M., Muse, F., Rainey, P., & Martin, R. (2016). Navigating Without a Roadmap: Challenges of Early Alzheimer’s Caregivers With Their Health Care Team. Global qualitative nursing research, 3, 2333393616673465.

Berg-Weger, M., Tebb, S., Henderson-Kalb, J., Zubatsky, M., Lundy, J., & Hayden, D. (2015). Cognitive stimulation therapy: A tool for your practice with persons with dementia?. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 16(9), 795-796.


The Memory Clinic has presented at several local and national conferences on CST, Circle of Friends, caregiver well-being and other geriatric topics:

  • IAGG World Congress (July 2017)

  • International CST Conference in St. Louis (June 2019)

  • Gerontological Society of America Annual Conference (November 2019)

  • National Council on Family Relations (November 2020)

Training for Caregivers

Medical Student and Resident Training

One of the novel areas of training in the Memory Clinic is having residents and students shadow and observe different services and sessions. We have medical students along with residents from family medicine, internal medicine, geriatrics and psychiatry who gain more geriatrics experience during their shadowing of the Memory Clinic.

Webinars and Videos

Working with Dementia Caregivers (for Professionals)


Addressing Loneliness and Social Isolation