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Meet the Cardiology Fellows

Cardiovascular Medicine Fellows

First-Year Fellows

Headshot of Willy Frick

William “Willy” Frick, M.D.

Residency: Indiana University (Indianapolis)

"I am originally from Indianapolis, but I've moved around for my education and spent time in Los Angeles as well as Lexington, Kentucky. I worked in St. Louis as a hospitalist for a year during my fiancée's intern year in OBGYN before starting fellowship. In my free time I grow peppers. Last year I had a good batch of Carolina Reapers and Trinidad Moruga Scorpions. This year I can't wait to harvest my Peach Ghost and some milder peppers such as Chinese Five Color, Jimmy Nardello, Pumpkin Spice Jalapeño, and a few others. I have a golden retriever, Cooper, and a miniature bernedoodle, Joon and we like to hang out at Bar K (dog park and bar)."

Future Interest(s): Academic career in clinical cardiac electrophysiology, clinical education, critical appraisal

Headshot of Somshukla Ghosh

Somshukla “Som” Ghosh, M.D.

Residency: University of Central Florida College of Medicine (Orlando)

"I am originally from India where I completed my medical school. I trained in Internal Medicine at University of Central Florida (Orlando), then I worked as a hospitalist at UF Gainesville (Florida) amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. I am always open to hear a witty joke. In my free time, I like cooking and baking, singing, writing Bengali poems. Jui is my little pup baby and love to take walks with her in the dog park."

Future Interest(s): Clinical cardiac electrophysiology

Headshot of Jibran Mirza, M.D.

Jibran Mirza, M.D.

Residency: State University of New York (Internship), University at Buffalo (Residency)

"I was born in Canada and I come from a big family. I have enjoyed my journey around the world during my path in the field of medicine. It’s my lifelong dream to be a Cardiologist and I am thankful to have matched at SLU. During my time off, I enjoy spending time with my family, checking out new restaurants, watching movies, and hanging out with my friends. I particularly enjoy traveling and anywhere with a beach is where I'd like to be."

Future Interest(s): Clinical education, academic cardiology

Headshot of Tarek Nafee

Tarek Nafee, M.D.

Residency: Roger Williams Medical Center/Boston University (Providence, Rhode Island)

"I graduated from the University of Waterloo, Canada with a bachelor’s in biomedical sciences and started my career in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in phase I/II clinical trials. I obtained my medical degree from All Saints University College of Medicine in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. After graduating, I completed a Clinical Trials Fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a master’s in clinical investigation from Harvard Medical School and was the recipient of the 2018 European Society of Cardiology Young Investigator Award in Thrombosis for development of a machine learning risk prediction model using pooled clinical trial data.  During residency, I was an elected member of the graduate medical education committee, the vice chair of the resident research committee, and developed a de-novo Cardio-oncology clinic at my training institution. In my spare time, I enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and exploring the diverse cuisine in St. Louis."

Future Interest(s): Strong interest in academic cardiology, research methodology and medical education. He aspires to be an interventional cardiologist and a clinical trialist.

Second-Year Fellows

Headshot of Sam Atallah

Issam “Sam” Atallah, M.D.

Residency: St. Luke’s Hospital, Chesterfield, Missouri

“I am originally from Lebanon (the country not the town in Missouri), and I moved to the U.S. in 2005. I did my residency in St Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield, Missouri. I am very social and enjoy going out with my friends, I was nicknamed “social butterfly” in my residency. I got married to my high school sweetheart, we shared the same last name before marriage (No we are not related). I love to travel and explore other countries and cultures. I consider myself an amateur cocktail mixology bartender, and I really enjoy cooking in my spare time. Whenever my wife and I go out, I tend to “over” order food. I think my key to happiness is eating healthy, being positive and staying active (and keep my wife happy).”

Future Interest(s): Interventional cardiology, clinical education.

Headshot of Mariam Baig

Mariam Baig, M.D.

Residency: Saint Louis University School of Medicine 

"I am originally from Saint Louis and I completed my undergraduate degree and medical school in Kansas City. I excitedly returned home for internal medicine residency, where I met my husband while working at the VA. While in residency, I found myself most interested in cardiology cases and was fortunate to have great mentors who inspired me to pursue a career in the field. Luckily, I have been able to stay in St. Louis to work with the same faculty members who inspired me for my fellowship training. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring new restaurants in St. Louis, taking advantage of all of the greenspace in St. Louis, traveling, trying new recipes, and spending quality time with my close friends and family."

Future Interest(s): Cardiac imaging, clinical cardiac electrophysiology, cardiovascular disease in women, clinical education

Headshot of Niteesh Chitturu

Niteesh Chitturu, M.D.

Residency: Saint Louis University School of Medicine 

"I was born in Hyderabad, India and moved to the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign with high honors with double majors in molecular cellular biology and chemistry. Received my medical degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical School and went on to complete my internal medicine training at Saint Louis University Hospital. I am passionate about all aspects of cardiology, but I am particularly interested in cardiac imaging. In my free time I like visiting museums, hip-hop dancing, traveling (recently went to visit Portugal), and wildlife conservation and volunteering."

Future Interest(s): General cardiology, cardiac imaging

Headshot of Pria Das

Debapria “Pria” Das M.D.

Residency: Saint Louis University School of Medicine

"I am from rural upstate NY and completed my bachelors and medical doctorate at Stony Brook University. My hobbies include hiking, board games, trying new cuisines, and curating experiences for her daughter. My personal goals include to one day train for a biathlon and becoming more proficient at lockpicking."

Future Interest(s): Interventional Cardiology 

Third-Year Fellows

Headshot of Hiren Patel

Hiren Patel, M.D.

(Chief Cardiovascular Medicine Fellow)

Residency: University of Central Florida College of Medicine (Orlando)

"After completing my medical school from T. N. Medical College in Mumbai, India, I dedicated time as a housestaff in a busy Cardiology division of Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai where I supervised outpatient stress test and assisted in outpatient Cardiology clinic. Soon moved to Birmingham, Alabama where I dedicated time to clinical research in nuclear cardiology at University of Alabama at Birmingham. I also pursed my internal medicine residency training and a chief resident year at University of Central Florida and joined this program thereafter. Outside medicine, I love comedy sitcoms and classic movies (my favorite: Seinfeld and The Godfather respectively). I am a keen follower of old-school rock and progressive rock music."

Future Interest(s): Clinical cardiac electrophysiology.

Headshot of Arturo Perez

Arturo Perez, M.D.

Residency: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (Newark)

"I was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I went to medical school at Santo Domingo Institute of Technology. Outside of medicine, I enjoy music, video games and guitar playing, spending time with his wife and dog, and trying out places to eat around Saint Louis with my wife."

Future Interest(s): Clinical cardiac electrophysiology.

Headshot of Amar Shere

Amar Shere, M.D., M.B.S.

Residency: Mercer University School of Medicine (Macon, Georgia)

Fellowship (Advanced Heart Failure & Pulmonary Hypertension): Hackensack University Medical Center (Hakensack, New Jersey)

"I am currently a third-year fellow interested in pursuing a career in preventative cardiology. My interests include prevention, cardiac rehabilitation, quality improvement in heart failure, and the utility of digital health and remote monitoring technologies in cardiology. Outside of medicine, I enjoy dancing, cooking, hiking, and working out. I’m a fitness instructor and teach Bollywood/hip-hop dance fitness classes in St. Louis to promote health and wellness in the community. I also enjoy making fun and educational videos on social media."

Future Interest(s): Preventative cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation, quality improvement in heart failure.

Headshot of Ruthvik Srinivasamurthy, M.D.

Ruthvik Srinivasamurthy, M.D.

Residency: University of Central Florida College of Medicine (Orlando)

"I am originally from Bangalore, India. I started my journey in medicine at M.S. Ramaiah Medical College where I completed my undergraduate education. I moved to Florida for my residency. I am happy that I will be moving back to Florida for my further training. I absolutely love to travel. Out of all my international travel - Scotland and Peru have been my most favorite. I enjoy watching TV shows, anime and reading manhwa's during my free time."

Future Interest(s): Interventional/Structural Cardiology

Interventional Cardiology Fellow

Headshot of Hardik Patel

Hardik “Henry” Patel, M.D.

Residency: Penn State Hershey Medical Center 

Fellowship (Cardiovascular Medicine): University of California-Irvine (Orange)

"I graduated from Penn State College of Medicine, where I also completed my internal medicine residency. My passion for cardiology led me to completing my fellowship at UC-Irvine. I am currently pursing my Interventional cardiology fellowship at St. Louis University hospital. I am devoted to my family with a loving wife and three young children. I love traveling to National parks, hiking, football and playing tennis racquetball."

Future Interest(s): Complex PCI, LAA device, PFO, Interventional Heart failure

Past Graduates – Where are they now?

  • Interventional Cardiology Fellowship, University of Cincinnati

  • Interventional and Structural Cardiology Fellowship, Case Western Reserve Medical School

  • Interventional Cardiology Fellowship, University of Nebraska Medical Center

  • Interventional Cardiology Fellowship, University of Missouri – Columbia

  • Private Practice – General Cardiology (2)
  • Electrophysiology EP fellowship – University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Academic Position – Interventional Cardiology (1)
  • Private Practice – Interventional Cardiology (1)
  • Academic Position – General Cardiology (1)
  • Private Practice – General Cardiology (2)
  • Private Practice – General Cardiology (1)
  • Private Practice – Interventional Cardiology (1)
  • Heart Failure Fellowship followed by Hybrid Community/Academic Practice (1)
  • Private Practice – Interventional Cardiology (3)
  • Global Health Fellowship followed by Private Practice – General Cardiology (1)
  • Private Practice – General Cardiology (1)

  • Private Practice – Interventional Cardiology (1)

  • Private Practice – Electrophysiology (1)

  • Advance Imaging Fellowship (1)

  • Academic Positions – Heart Failure [Section Chief-Baylor Dallas (1), Kansas University (1)]
  • Private Practice – General Cardiology (1)
  • Private Practice – Electrophysiology (1)
  • Private Practice – General Cardiology (2)
  • Private Practice – Electrophysiology (1)
  • Program Director, Cardiology Fellowship, Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, MO