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Division of Geriatric Medicine

Saint Louis University’s Division of Geriatric Medicine offers an integrated set of programs that offer gerontological and geriatric education to geriatricians involved in disseminating state-of-the-art elder care throughout the region.

Created in 1988, the Division of Geriatric Medicine is the central element of internal medicine activities in aging in the School of Medicine. We enjoy generous laboratory and office space at Saint Louis University and the VA Saint Louis Health Care System.

The wide range of service programs supplies numerous sites for training experiences. SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital has been listed as one of the top 10 geriatric programs in the country by U.S. News and World Report since 1998, and we have consistently ranked in the top 20 in the U.S. News and World Report for university-associated geriatric programs.

The division offers a variety of clinical services that depend upon interdisciplinary teams, including physicians, nurses and social workers. An inpatient geriatric consultation service provides advice and service for elderly inpatients. An internal medicine ward team of geriatric medicine faculty focuses on the care of acutely ill elderly.

Outpatient services include clinics in geriatric assessment, continuity, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, incontinence and nutrition, among others. A special clinic serves developmentally disabled elders. A home-visit program provides care for the chronically ill and screening for healthy elders.

The division also offers a geriatric clinic for inner-city minority older persons in collaboration with the Community Health in Partnership group in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood. This program has expanded to include a home-visit program for very frail shut-ins.

Faculty and Staff

Angela Sanford, M.D.
Interim division director
Associate professor

Lina Toledo Franco. M.D.

Assistant professor of Medicine

Susan A. Farr, Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine

Julie Gammack, M.D.
Associate dean, Graduate Medical Education
Professor of Medicine

Miriam Rodin, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine

Tari Nyahoda, M.D.
Assistant professor of Medicine

Mehwish Siddiqui, M.D.
Assistant professor of Medicine

Andrew D. Nguyen, Ph.D.
Assistant professor of Medicine

Charles Bradford
Family nurse practitioner

Susan J. Elliott
Certified family medicine nurse practitioner

Gillian Rono
Nurse practitioner

Christina Traber
Certified gerontological nurse practitioner 

Faculty-Associated Facilities and Agencies

Members of our faculty are also medical directors of:

Lake Saint Charles 
Life Care Center
NHC Maryland Heights 

Nurses and Company
Caris Hospice