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This process is used for most, but not all of studies at the Saint Louis University Center for Vaccine Development. If at any time you would like to know the process for a specific study, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pre-Screening Phase

  • Contact us by email at or phone at 314-977-6333 or 1-866-410-6333.

  • We will ask for your age to be sure you are in the correct age group for the study.

  • We will ask for your name, address and contact information.

  • We will send you a consent form by mail, email or fax. The consent form provides you with detailed information about the purpose, benefits, risks, study visits and compensation.

  • After reading the consent form, we ask that you call us back to clarify any questions, let us know if you are interested or not, and to schedule a screening visit. We will answer your questions, review the eligibility criteria with you, and schedule your screening appointment.

Screening Phase

  • At the beginning of your first visit, we will review the consent form with you in detail and answer your questions.

  • Every effort will be made to help you understand all the details of the study. If there is anything you do not understand about the study, please ask.

  • If you choose to continue with the study, we will ask you to sign the consent form.

  • After informed consent is obtained, the screening visit will continue according to the study’s protocol.

Enrollment Phase

If you qualify for the study after screening, you will be given study vaccine according to the study requirements. Depending upon the study, the vaccine may be given on the first visit or at a later visit. 

Follow-up Phase

  • You will be followed after joining the study. We will give you instructions on how to record your reactions to the vaccine.

  • We usually measure your body’s protective response from the vaccine by drawing blood samples.

  • Follow-up will include follow-up visits and/or phone calls to the Center for Vaccine Development.

Learn About New Studies

You can join our database/mailing list. A letter or e-mail announcing a new study is sent to those on our mailing list. We do not sell or distribute your information to third-parties.

Join Our Database

Interested in Volunteering for a COVID-19 Prevention Clinical Study?

The purpose of this screening registry is to create a list of potential volunteers who want to take part in current or future COVID-19 prevention clinical trials. You must be 18 years or older to participate. Participation involves completing a short online survey that includes some personal questions. Your participation is voluntary.

COVID-19 Screening Registry