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Hands-On Cadaver Workshops

Refine your surgical techniques and interact one-on-one with world-class surgeons at Saint Louis University’s Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education program. 

PASE doctors wearing medical equipment and personal protective gear examine a cadaver.

Learn the latest surgical techniques with hands-on cadaver training in one of SLU's upcoming sessions. Registration and detailed course information are below. Individual workshop updates will be posted as soon as they become available. 

Interested in a specific course and need more information? Want to join our course mailing lists? Please fill out your information through the link below, and we will reply.

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Tuition for continuing medical education through Saint Louis University’s Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education program includes a continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments for scheduled breaks.

A shuttle will be provided to and from recommended hotels and the facility each day of the workshop.

2024 CME Workshops

Feb. 9: 5th Retroperitoneal Anatomy Course for Residents and Fellows

Course Directors: E. Campain, M.D., J. Eugenio-Colon, M.D., B. Holloran-Schwartz, M.D.

March 23-25: Master Techniques in Peri-Orbital Aesthetic Surgery

Course Directors: J. Foster, M.D., J. Holds, M.D., D. Holck, M.D., G. Massry, M.D.

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April 15-20, 2024: 2nd Annual Pelvic Anatomy Expo 

Course Chair: N. Lemos, M.D.

The Pelvic Anatomy Expo 2024 is a collaborative event to reflect the evolving need for cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer. The expo will include five separate didactic and hands-on cadaver courses spanning six days.

Throughout the week, we have our traditional 7th Hands-On Advanced Neuroanatomy of the Pelvis: Hands-on Cadaver Course, offered in English, Portuguese and Spanish. This program is designed for advanced gynecologic, urologic and colorectal surgeons and focuses on pelvic neuroanatomy and nerve-sparing techniques. The English course is scheduled to provide a seamless transition to merge with the new Surgical and Clinical Implications of Pelvic, Hip, Spine, and Core Neuroanatomy Course. This course will be a hands-on discussion forum for all specialties dealing with spinal, pelvic and/or deep gluteal portions of the lumbosacral plexus to share their vision of this complex anatomy.

The Pelvic Anatomy Expo 2024 also welcomes two additional advanced procedural courses: Advanced Anatomy and Surgical Techniques for the Management of Deeply Infiltrating Endometriosis (presented this year in English and Spanish); and Fundamentals of Advanced Laparoscopic Gynecology Surgery (presented in Spanish). Both courses are designed to take gynecologic surgeons to the next level in treating these complex conditions. 

The advancement of retroperitoneal laparoscopic techniques has opened the doors to a new world of anatomical knowledge, producing better surgical outcomes with lower complication rates. Moreover, a better understanding of intrapelvic neuroanatomy has pushed the boundaries of traditional medical specialties and fostered immense collaboration opportunities between gynecologists, colorectal surgeons and urologists, and between these pelvic surgeons with hip, spine and peripheral nerve surgeons.

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Course 1

Advanced Anatomy and Surgical Techniques for the Management of Deeply Infiltrating Endometriosis (Presented in English)

Course 2

Advanced Anatomy and Surgical Techniques for the Management of Deeply Infiltrating Endometriosis (Presented in Spanish)

Course 3

Fundamentals of Advanced Gynecologic Surgery (Presented in Spanish)

Course 4 

Advanced Neuroanatomy of the Pelvis (Presented in English)

Course 5 

Surgical and Clinical Implications of Pelvic, Hip, Spine and Core Neuroanatomy (Presented in English)

April 30-May 2: Skull Base Approaches: Microscopic and Endoscopic

Course Directors: P. Kadri, M.D., O. AlMefty, M.D.

Midas Rex Optional Training Day - April 29, 2024


June 8-9: St. Louis Nerve Course

Course Directors: A. Hanna, M.D., J. Clifton, M,D., J. Brown M.D.

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Aug. 9-11: Advanced Flaps and Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction

Course Directors: S. Fosko, M.D., D. Holck, M.D., I. Maher, M.D.

Aug. 22-23: Emergency Skills Workshop

Course Director: D. Tan, M.D.

Fall 2024: St. Louis Hip Skills

Course Director: J. Clohisy, M.D., J. Nepple, M.D., C. Pascual-Garrido, M.D.

Fall 2024: Resident Update in Rhinology / Techniques in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Course Director: J. Brunworth, M.D., N. Farrell, M.D.

October 2024: Facial Rejuvenation in Depth with the Masters and Live Surgery at Nayak Plastic Surgery

Course Directors: LM. Nayak, M.D., G. O'Daniel, M.D., W. Hah, M.D.

November 2024 : APEX Vascular Access Workshop

Course Directors: M. Smeds, M.D., J. Bath, M.D.

December 2024 : ISAPS About Face Workshop

Course Directors: G. O'Daniel, M.D., L. Auersvald, M.D., A. Auersvald, M.D.