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Genomics Core Facility

The Saint Louis University Genomics Core Facility offers primarily single cell genomics and bioinformatics services to both internal and external users. The goal of the Core is to make genomics-based projects easy and accessible to all labs, regardless of prior experience with genome wide research.

Available Services

Single Cell Sequencing Technologies

Single cell sequencing can address tissue specific and/or cell type specific biological questions by examining RNA expression or epigenetic information on the single cell level. The Genomics Core houses a 10X Genomics Chromium iX which has the capacity to prepare GEMs for all standard 10X Genomics single cell pipelines:

  • 3" scRNAseq
  • single cell immune profiling
  • fixed RNA singel cell gene expression Flex
  • scATACseq
  • scMultiome

The core will take your single cell experiments from cells to final library, which can be submitted to external sequencing providers. We can help with the submission process and also assist you with raw data transfer, processing, and analysis.

Nucleic Acid Quality Analysis

The key to high quality genomic data is high quality input materials and output libraries. To measure total RNA, cDNA, and DNA libraries, the core facility has two instruments:

  • Qubit fluorimeter: quantify RNA and DNA concentration
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer: quantify and measure size distribution of RNA and DNA

Bioinformatic Analysis

We can help with data processing and custom analysis for most genomic data - including bulk and single cell RNAseq, ATAC-seq, Cut&Run, ChIP-seq, and Cut&Tag. We are happy to discuss projects to help with your data analysis as well as provide assistance with figure generation and GEO data uploads.

How to Start a Project

All projects are initiated by consultation with Michelle Brennan. There is no charge for consultation – just ask!

Michelle Pherson, Ph.D.
Director, Genomics Core
Doisy Research Center, Room 423
Office: 314-977-9252
Lab: 314-977-9252

Project Pricing

An important goal of the Genomics Core Facility is to make genomic methods both affordable and timely for SLU researchers. All charges are thus based on time and materials. Contact Michelle Brennan via email to discuss your proposed project and obtain a detailed cost estimate and projected timeline for completion.

View or download the current pricing schedule (PDF) for full details. Please contact us for external pricing.