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David Ford, Ph.D.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Center for Cardiovascular Research


Biochemical mechanisms responsible for the pathophysiological sequelae of cardiovascular diseases, including ischemic heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Research Interests

We are interested in biochemical mechanisms responsible for the pathophysiological sequelae of cardiovascular diseases including ischemic heart disease and atherosclerosis. Areas of research focus on enzymic and free radical targeting of membrane phospholipids, alterations in lipid metabolism, and alterations in signaling pathways as mechanisms involved in cardiovascular diseases. We combine our expertise using physiological models of disease coupled with expertise in mass spectrometry and bioorganic techniques to reveal new mechanistic insights into cardiovascular disease.



Mechanisms and Treatment of Halogen Inhalation-Induced Pulmonary and Systemic Injuries in Pregnant Mice
Lambert JA, Carlisle MA, Lam A, Aggarwal S, Doran S, Ren C, Bradley WE, Dell’Italia L, Ambalavanan N, Ford DA, Patel RP, Jilling T and Matalon S
Pubmed | Hypertension

ABCG1 regulates pulmonary surfactant metabolism in mice and men
de Aguiar Vallim TQ, Lee E, Merriott DJ, Goulbourne CN, Cheng J, Cheng A, Gonen A, Allen RM, Palladino END, Ford DA, Wang T, Baldán Á and Tarling EJ
Pubmed | J. Lipid Res.

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-α accelerates α-chlorofatty acid catabolism
Palladino EN, Wang WY, Albert CJ, Langhi C, Baldán Á and Ford DA
Pubmed | J. Lipid Res.

Platelet-Activating Factor Quantification Using Reversed Phase Liquid Chromatography and Selected Reaction Monitoring in Negative Ion Mode
Pike DP, Hartman CL, Weissler GJ, Palladino EN, Albert CJ and Ford DA
Pubmed | Lipids

Formation of chlorinated lipids post-chlorine gas exposure
Ford DA, Honavar J, Albert CJ, Duerr MA, Oh JY, Doran S, Matalon S and Patel RP
Pubmed | J. Lipid Res.