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Orthopedic Surgery Resident Life

Five orthopedic surgery residents wearing surgical scrubs pose for a picture Launch SlideshowFive orthopedic surgery residents wearing surgical scrubs pose for a picture

About St. Louis

St. Louis is a major metropolitan city on the eastern border of Missouri along the Mississippi River. The greater St. Louis area is home to nearly 3 million people. There has been a vast amount of growth in St. Louis and, as a result, our Orthopaedic department sees a variety of patients from the surrounding areas. St. Louis is an affordable city that is accessible and easy to navigate. We have a variety of sporting teams, city attractions, museums, natural parks, a major airport and shopping. As a group of residents, we have a great deal of diversity regarding our previous educations, hometowns, future career/fellowship choices, but there is a good sense of camaraderie among us. We take our surgical training seriously, but we do make time for barbecues, nights out on the town, float trips, and conferences across the nation. St. Louis is a great town to raise a family in, obtain a quality surgical education, and have an active social life.

Chief's Corner

"SLU and St. Louis have been an incredible experience for me, having lived all over the country, landing here initially was filled with uncertainty. But quickly, I learned how awesome of a city St. Louis is with the many free public activities; incredible food, which I will put up against anything in any bigger city - LA, SF, NYC etc.; major sports teams; and an all-around great place to live. From a training perspective, at this point there is nothing that comes through the doors that I would feel at a loss with. Personally, I met my wife here and our family grew from the one pitbull pup I came to residency with to two amazing fur babies! Lastly, as a program, I have seen a lot of growth through the years and have made some lifelong friends who I share an incredibly unique experience with."

– Asa Peterson, M.D. PGY5

"I never thought that I would end up in Saint Louis. I grew up in Seattle and came to Saint Louis University for medical school and eight years later, I am thankful for my training here. The national news can sometimes paint St. Louis in a negative light, but in reality, the city vibrant and offers many things to do. There are a multitude of parks, restaurants, and things to do. People are friendly and welcoming. My daughters love to play in the botanical gardens, the zoo and the aquarium. Overall, the city is affordable and a great place to raise a family."

"One of the main reasons that I stayed at SLU for my residency training are the people. As a medical student and junior resident, the older residents and faculty provided me with education, mentorship and friendship. Their guidance has shaped me into the surgeon that I am today. I hope to pass that down to future generations of residents who train here."

"SLU Orthopaedic Residency offers excellent surgical training. We operate early and often. We are a tight knit group of residents who teach and support each other. Saint Louis is a family friendly and fun city to live in. The program has provided the training I need to take to my fellowship and future career."

-  John Green, IV, M.D. PGY5

"My time in St. Louis and the SLU Orthopaedic Surgery Residency has certainly been very challenging at times. However, I wouldn't trade this residency for another one. This experience has pushed me to be a better physician and surgeon all the time. My time in St. Louis has introduced me to some of the greatest people I know, inside and outside of the hospital. I will leave my 5 years in this program knowing that I'm a better, more confident provider that can face adversity and chaos with calm and grace."

- Karsen Corn, M.D. PGY5